Monday, October 17, 2011

i know i still owe you pictures from legoland & i am also very excited to post about the saints game & share those pictures but today was a little crazy this morning, stressful all day & isn't anywhere near over yet.

colton is very very swollen under his jaw. we are thinking it's a swollen gland but it is very large, hard & is hurting him. the side of his neck is a bit puffy as well. we are a bit thrown off because while swollen glands indicate infection he has no signs or symptoms of anything, no fever, no earache, no sore throat. just his neck. i will explain the whole thing later but when jeremiah gets home we are taking him to urgent care. we are hoping it starts & ends there. an answer, maybe an infection fixed with some anti-biotics & we'll be good to go. i just want to know what is causing & how to fix it.

i will report tomorrow on what happens with colton tonight & hopefully in the next couple days get caught up on everything else.

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