Thursday, October 6, 2011

happy 4th birthday colton!

four years ago today at 7:31am my life was changed forever,  for the better. i knew that then but i didn't know how incredible it would truly be. colton has brought out a piece of me i had never knew existed. he changed me forever. he made me a better person & i could not ask for a better boy. he amazes me with how sweet & smart he is, plus he's pretty darn cute. he makes me laugh like nobody else in this world. i am so lucky & so proud to be his mama. there are no words that could accurately say how much i love him. he lights me up. one sweet shoot of a smile & i am done. the past four years have been fun & amazing & while it's always sad to watch your baby grow up i can't wait to see what whats to come. it only gets better each day. 

colton j, i love you so much more than you could ever know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!! ♥

[a photo video of the last four years]

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