Monday, October 10, 2011

bye bye bobo

colton is four. i am still trying to wrap my mind around this. when did that happen. where did the last four years go?! & when did my little colton become such a big guy.

i have to admit colton has been attached to his bobo[pacifier] since day one. we struggled all the time to get it out of his mouth[as i am sure you have seen in previous pictures]

at the beginning of the year we told colton when he turned four he wasn't allowed to have a bobo anymore. we talked about it all the time but it was not something he was ever interested in listening to. we would ask him what he would want to do with them when it was time. tie them to balloons & send them to the bobo fairy. send them in the mail to his papa & gram. give them to grandpa & grandma. "bury them" at the beach. "throw them" in the ocean. not interested in any of it. the week leading up to his birthday i was trying to detach him from it so it wouldn't be so hard come the big day. would not listen to me about it.

thursday we are in the car on our way to breakfast. i said "do you know what today is" he said "mom i know i already got rid of my bobo" oh my gosh! i was so proud, i didn't even have to tell him & he just did it on his own. i thought there was no way it was going to be that easy. i just knew as he started getting tired, he would ask for it. i was wrong. he didn't even mention it. okay okay, i knew the next day, all worn out & tired he would be asking for it. esp when it was time for a nap. again, i was wrong. he got rid of it thursday & never looked back!

i am so proud & i must have told him that 12345356 times. today was the 5th whole day without it & he just doesn't care anymore. a years worth of prep about it & it really was just that easy. love my big guy so much. ... now we work on braedon.

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AliceMum said...

That is awesome should be proud of Colton for doing that on his own..he will probably be the one to tell Braedon to get rid of his bobo!! I agree that it's hard to believe that he is 4 years old!! Sure would like to give him and all of you a big hug..his birthday card is late as usual but it will be coming soon!! Love to all of you!!