Tuesday, October 11, 2011

birthday fun!

what a perfect day colton ended up having! the weather was gorgeous! not cold. not hot. just perfect. we took him out to breakfast in the morning. headed to & spent the day at busch gardens. he wanted to "ride air grover[the mini coaster] a thousand times" he asks & he shall receive. he did ride it a handful of times. he then found a new favorite ride that we must have rode & least 10 times. 8 or 9 of which we rode in a row, the guy didn't even make us get off. jeremiah told the ride operator it was colton's birthday & one of the times the ride was over, he got on the loud speaker & he & everyone else sang happy birthday to my little guy. it was so darn cute. then it was a stop at the store & home for mostaccioli for dinner[also his request, it's his favorite meal ever]& birthday cake of course! he had so much fun & we all had fun as a family. jeremiah has been working A LOT lately so it was nice to spend a day out of the house, not worrying about anything & just enjoying time as a family. when we were at the table eating dinner colton stopped what  he was doing & said "thank you for my birthday" my heart just filled with love. now for your viewing pleasure an overload of pictures.

 [yes we went all the way to the top of that, then down & up & down & up]

[see his little feet]

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