Saturday, October 15, 2011

are you ready for some football?!

i know i have mentioned it before. i am a HUGE new orleans saints fan! thankfully redzone allows me to watch bits & pieces of the game every week. if you know football you know that the saints & the bucs are division rivals which means they play each other twice a year. once here & once there. of course i was at the game last year & planned on being there again this year. BUT the cheap tickets were sold out & as much as i love my team, i am NOT a $200/ticket kind of girl. i had pretty much given up hope of being at the game.

you may also know the bucs went the entire regular season blacked out last year. this year has been no different, except the monday night game that was sold out, because it was monday night football, so it should be no surprise that while the saints are in tampa, literally 15 minutes from my house, i was going to be unable to watch the entire game on tv. wanna know how i felt....


that pretty much sums it up. then friday night jeremiah's phone rings. it's a guy from work. he has tickets. he isn't going. do we want them?! umm, did you really have to ask. not only do i get to see the saints, but i get to see them FOR FREE!!! [ we also went to falcons @ bucs & sent my parents to the monday night game against the colts] i am so excited. i called my mom right away "hey, it's not for sure yet, but maybe you can watch the kids sunday" again, they come through at the last minute. she says of course, she wouldn't make me miss the most important game to me of the entire season. my parents rock!!!


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