Tuesday, September 27, 2011

zoo boo shriek peek

oh my gosh. saturday was so much fun! we headed to the local zoo for their annual halloween festivities, it was a "shriek peek" we went early for discounted admission. $10/person & i was surprised that it wasn't really so crowded.

i am happy to announce there is no doubt colton is my child. with that being said, he & braedon are total opposites. colton loved the haunted houses[relax, we were at the zoo remember, they were not scary] braedon went through the first one fine but wasn't a big fan of the second, soooo he hung out with adults while we took turns going through & taking colton through the houses. colton is such an awesome little dude, he said "this is the coolest place ever!" "lets go see more monster houses, i want to do alllll the monster houses"

after spending some time going through the houses, we headed over to the kiddie area so braedon could have some fun. i took him on the merry go round, he hated it. screamed every second it was moving. i told you they were opposites, colton throws his arms up on rollercoasters & brae doesn't even like the merry go round. after that little experience he told us he wanted to ride the choo choo. that he actually enjoyed, we rode it twice, in a row & he loved it. i think the up & down of the horse on the merry go round is what he doesn't like.

braedon passed out in the stroller before we left & colton was sleeping as soon as we got him in his seat, before we had even put the stroller away or shut the doors. it was hilarious. two exhausted boys.

as much as i don't want to live in florida forever, i am so happy to be so close to my parents, i love that they can always come join us & experience all these fun things with us & the kids & they are always so helpful. they took turns with us sitting with braedon so we could go with colton. this time was extra special because my aunt & uncle & cousins were also able to join us for the fun. it is so nice having them back in florida!

i didn't get very many pictures, we were just too busy having fun but here is what i do have

 [the very best of friends]
 [love these guys]
 [ok really?! does it get any cuter?]
 ["uh, no pictures please"]
 [daddy & his boy]
 [the whole gang checking out the sting ray tank]
 [braedon loves his grandpa]
[a little blurry but still totally cute]
 [umm, i wish i had every single on of these for my house]

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