Thursday, September 29, 2011

thirty before thirty ♥

my 30 before 30 list
[i just turned 25 back in june so i have 5 years to knock out this list. there are some that might sound like a stretch, but they're not supposed to be everyday activities right? & i could have included my husband & kids in it a lot more, but isn't it my list... for me?!]

•start & complete at least 2 years of school
•go skydiving
• visit cedar point
[this mean a vacation up to michigan]
•run a half marathon
[runner i am not, but hey, i have 5 years to become one]
•learn to knit
•take a cruise
[hopefully we'll cross this one off in march for our 5th anniversary]
•re-learn/learn more french
•find one thing everyday that makes you happy & record it ... for a year
[i've started this one.i have 15 days down. 350 to go]
•visit six flags fiesta texas
[my very best friend lives in san antonio. bam. this one is not too hard]
•go parasailing 
•watch a saints game in the superdome 
[this will be one of the trickier ones]
•visit home[chicago] at least once
•walk the march of dimes
•renew our wedding vows
•write myself a letter about life right now & open it on my 30th birthday
•buy a new car. 
[not new to me, but a brand new car]
•start a 365 photo project
•get certified in CPR
•get a tattoo for each child
 •take the kids to the disney parks
[at least one]
•read 10 classic novels
•swim with the dolphins
[i live in florida, should be easy to do this]
•learn to play fur elise on the piano
•donate every year to toys for tots
•write & send a letter to each family member
•make a memory book for both boys 
•buy & learn to use a DSLR camera 
•see an east coast sunrise & west coast sunset in the same day
[& by east coast west coast i mean florida's coasts]
•watch every alfred hitchcock film 
•go to a bucs, rays & lightning game all in the same year
[i already have 2 of 3 done this year. a hockey game & it might be my first crossed off item]

it might not be too big or exciting, but it's everything i want to do, somethings that i have always wanted to do, so i shall do them ... & keep track of them all on this lovely little blog :)

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