Wednesday, September 28, 2011

tampa bay bucs vs the dirty birds from the ATL

okay, a football game, the best date ever. assuming you enjoy football. 

sunday was such an awesome day! after being totally exhausted after zooboo our kids let us sleep in until after 9am sunday morning. that was amazing itself. got the kids some breakfast, cleaned em up & got them dressed in their chicago bears gear[since they were headed to my parents to watch the game while we went to ours] hit the road to mom's & dropped them off. jeremiah was supposed to go into work for a bit but the guy called & canceled his appointment. so we watched the 1 o clock games while getting ready. had a beer. yes, i actually did have a drink.

traffic on the way to the stadium sucked. we like 15 minutes away, it did not take 15 minutes! & on top of that it was raining, which wasn't a surprise, we were expecting it to rain the whole time, which was okay with us because our seats were under the balcony, but it was lightning too. oh great, i am having visions of the USF VS NOTRE DAME game that went on for hours & hours & hours due to weather delays. by the time we parked the car it had pretty much stopped raining. only a light sprinkle & by the time we got to the stadium it was completely done. it didn't rain at all during the game but because the earlier rain & clouds it wasn't a million degrees, it was tolerable, actually i wasn't even "hot" once. 

the game was pretty good. that was my 5th time & ray jay & until yesterday i have never seen the bucs win, so that was kinda exciting. i really needed an ATL win ... to be totally technical, i needed neither to win. lol. being a saints fan i felt like such a traitor not just watching one but two of our division rivals yesterday. oh well, it was a lot of fun. it didn't really matter who played, or who won.

& our seats. A-MAZ-ING. 50 yard line. club level. isle seats. inside the actual club level, leather chairs, huge flat screen tvs, flat screens in the womans bathrooms ... are you kidding me?! i was actually kind of surprised how many people were just hanging out inside, isn't the point of going to a football to actually watch it, like in person, not inside, on a tv?! whatever, to each their own.

after we finally got back to the car & waited in crazy traffic we headed back to moms house to pick up the dudes. who were totally cute [ill post on that later] & we headed home.

all in all a perfect day. wish we could spend every sunday at the game. maybe, after my kids are graduated & moved out we will have season tickets ... a girl can wish right?!

[atlanta offense. quarterback matt ryan]
[tampa offense. quarterback josh freeman]
[what i wore. bucs or falcons. neither, i stayed neutral ]
[ray jay]
[club level]

 [downtown tampa]

[blurry but the sky was gorgeous after the game]

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