Thursday, September 22, 2011

RIP our kitty MAIZE

okay so i said i would get back & post about our very sad/traumatic day. here it is.

last wednesday we were going about our business as usual. jer left for work. the kids ate breakfast. all was well. i was on the computer, the kids were playing about 4 feet away from me & then i heard it.

colton says: "mommy brae made maize dead" i stopped what i was doing immediately, what do you mean? the cat is fine. i am going to spare the all the little details a) because i would rather not think about it b) it is all kind of a blur. our cat was laying on the kitchen floor. this is nothing new. we have three. they are all fat, they are all lazy. it took one glance to the cat & i knew something wasn't right. i swept up both kids, put them in colton's room.

once i got down at ground level with maize there was not a doubt in my mind. there was not one ounce of life left in our cat. he was laying there, dead, on my kitchen floor. i started balling. kids still in colton's room i call my husband. i remember saying "you need to get here now" the rest is a blur. i do know it literally took minutes for me to actually spit out that the cat was dead. i was crying too hard, he couldn't understand me. he said he would be home right away. he told me to wrap the cat up in a blanket, i couldn't do it, i couldn't touch him so i placed a blanket over him.

when i hung up with him, i called my mom. she was at work, way on the other side of town. why did i call her, i don't really know, cause she is my mom & i was a wreck. once i composed myself a little jeremiah was here. kids still in colton's room, i didn't want them to be anywhere around him. jeremiah took care of the cat, cleaned the kitchen floor, gave me lots of hugs & we let the kids out.

my heart was breaking for colton. that was "colton's" cat. we had him before braedon was here. he certainly knew he was dead but he was still confused. he told us braedon made maize dead. he told us teco[our other cat] made maize dead. he told us to "wrap him in tape so nobody would see him that way. my heart ached for colton. my heart also ached for me. while he was "colton's" cat, he was my human. if you found me sitting in bed, you saw maize sitting on top of me. if i was in the shower,  you would find maize sitting on the toilet. i know it sounds silly because he is a cat but my cats to me are like dogs to anyone else.

it was all just such a shock. it was so sudden. that morning i had seem him a half hour prior. he seemed fine. there was nothing that would have made me think otherwise. he was not even 3 years old. why did it happen, we will never know. i have another cat who is 10 years old, when i told my mom what happened she thought i was talking about storm. of course that would have made me sad, i would have cried but she is an old lady. maize was still just a baby.

that night the kids were going to mom's house, there were plans for my dad to pick the kids up[we were going to busch gardens the next day] we still went along with those plans. my dad not only came & picked up my kids but he took maize with him[in the back of the truck] & my parents buried him in their backyard so i didn't have to worry about any of it. best parents ever.

so there is it. i know it might seem silly, it was just a cat, but we all loved that cat & he is missed around here, it's just not the same.

 [rip maize]

 [colton & his kitty]

[braedon giving maize cuddles & yes, that's maize laying right on top of me]

sorry if this post is unorganized or jumbled

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