Tuesday, September 13, 2011

rewind ...

in case you're wondering what's been going on with us:  lets back track a little bit. let's go back to last sunday since that's the last time i was around. my sunday morning started out less than fabulous, in case you don't remember that far back i had a little run in with the law...

well after that jeremiah headed off to work, i spent the day cleaning up & hanging out with the kids. once jer got home from work we headed out to mom's to drop the kids off for the night. we get home, jer gets on the computer & i head into the kids rooms to get them cleaned up[ do you have any success cleaning your kids rooms while they are around?! haha] my phone is in my room plugged in & charging. jeremiah yells to me hey, did you get your moms text?! i told him no, i didn't have my phone on me & he told me my great grandma had passed away. we all knew it was coming. i had instant sadness hit me. she lived in chicago. i haven't seen her in a long time, like at least 10 years long time. i was sad for all of the many people in our family. sad we are so far away, sad she never got to meet her GREAT GREAT grandchildren. RIP my great grandma!

after a plain old crappy day on sunday i was determined to make monday great. it was labor day. the kids were at mom's. the husband was at work & i was alone. i was in my house. all day. all by myself. this is beyond rare, while the kids head to my parents pretty often, jer is always here. i am never alone so i sucked up every minute of it. what did i do? i hung out in my room, all day. i didn't even turn the tv on in the living room, or sit at the computer. if i wasn't getting ready i was enjoying my bed, i may or may have not even had a bowl of cereal in bed, shhhh!

after an amazingly relaxing day my bestie was off work, at my house & we were off the the rock allegiance tour. let me just say, amazing! i am not a huge fan of rock music but it is confirmed i LOVE rock concerts. it was just the girls, we had a couple drinks, listened to rocking bands, a great time. oh & let me say this... i managed to get a wristband ...without an id, the cop took mine, i joked either i look old ... or the bouncer thought i was hot ... i like to think it's that later, haha! we actually ended up leaving two bands early due to a storm that came through. we were at an outdoor venue & it started pouring. the temp dropped about 10 degrees, it got real windy & cold ... & we were wet so we decided to just get out of there. the tickets were free so i didn't really feel bad about leaving early, a little disappointed about missing a couple bands but let me tell you, the lightning here is scary.

tuesday jer was off work, we went grocery shopping. it was an icky, wet, rainy day so that translated into a lazy day around the homestead with the dudes, nothing much exciting to report for tuesday or wednesday.

thursday was one of those days, you know where i was crying before 8am & crying again 8pm. it was a long challenging day. colton-1 colton- 56 mama- 1 :( it was just one of those days that started out with a fit from him as soon as i opened my eyes... & never stopped. i was overwhelmed, it was one of those 13 hour days, so it was all me, all day. i got to end the day in the most exciting way. THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. yes, football is baaaaaack! & my NEW ORLEANS SAINTS were playing[if you don't know i am a huge saints fan] & they were playing the super bowl champs. i thought we had it. sadly to only add to the effects of the negative day the saints ended up losing BUT it was an amazing game & left me waiting for an amazing season.

friday started rough, the frazzle from thursday was still lingering around. jer left work early[this is something that NEVER happens] came home, put the kids in the car & was off to the park with them. i was going to enjoy an hour of quiet. get the house picked up, get dinner started. that didn't happen. about 20 minutes after the boys left, they turned around to come home due to what seemed like a hurricane. dinner. baths.  the norm. so much for my little break huh?

we had thought the kids might be leaving for part of the weekend, due to a change of plans they ended up hanging around. saturday jeremiah zoned out to the michigan game[ college football does nothing for me, i ended up watching the last seconds, which i admit were pretty amazing] while that was happening i chatted with my bff. watched mrs. doubtfire & made my 30 before 30 list[i am thinking about posting it soon]

come sunday well we were ready for some football. we hung out with the kids & watched redzone all day long. do you have it? have you heard of it?! it's only one of the greatest things ever[if your a football fan] & that was that.

things have just been blah. i feel like i have been an emotional wreck lately, dealing with this & that & the other thing. i have been feeling stressed & overwhelmed & just kinda down & instead of pouring out all the negative into my blog, i just back off & stay away. i am hoping to get out of my little funk & continue on like normal.

the kids are heading off to mom's tomorrow night, to give me & the hubs a little break & some time to spend with each other, we plan on heading to busch gardens thursday for some good old fashioned fun! we might even get crazy & go to the movies tomorrow night[we have a gift card that has been sitting here since may, so we're thinking about finally putting it to use] i probably won't be around much over the next couple days but i will be back soon!

i have rambled on for awhile & now i am going to go.

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