Sunday, September 4, 2011

law breaker

if you are my friend on facebook or follow me on twitter then you already know my morning started out less than perfect.

it actually started out with a cup of coffee that ended up costing me $103 & a whole lot of headache.

as i am pulling out of the gas station, coffee in hand & a cop goes by me. i pull out & i see the cop turn around & get behind me. at this point in time i am shaking. i know what is about to happen. as i approach the light, the green turns yellow & instead of booking it through i decide to make smart choices & stop. silly me, that just set off the next chain of events.

as we get through the intersection he turns his lights on, so i pull over. just feet away from where i need to turn to get into my neighborhood. i am shaking, my heart is racing & he approaches my car.

"i stopped you because when i ran the tag it came back that the registered user of this car has an expired license."


obviously there was no lying, or playing stupid this time. i told him that was correct & proceeded to give him everything he requested. after asking if i had any weapons or anything else he should know about in the car, to which i answered no, he went back to his car. i cant lie. i cried. its been years since i have been stopped & i knew this wasnt going to end well. i was also a little nervous my husband was going to be a lot mad. i sipped on my coffee & waited for him to come back. 

once he returned he explained the ticket to me, informed me i was very lucky. apparently if it's longer than 6 months you either have to set a court date or [probably if you are a habitual offender] arrest you.[mental note on florida law stored in the memory] phew. thankful for that. he then told me he was required to tell me to call someone to come pick me & the car up but since i was literally around the corner from home he let me just drive home, what a nice guy.

my license expired back on my birthday & in all honesty i didn't even think about it till a few weeks ago on the way to seaworld. i wasn't really in a rush to go get it because i rarely ever drive anyways. knowing this, jeremiah has been driving everywhere lately, obviously. its not illegal to possess an expired license only to drive with one, even just quick trips to walmart, five minutes away. but this morning i thought really, i'll just go, the gas station is literally 30 seconds away from the house. by did i learn my lesson.

my husband wasn't mad, my perfect driving record isn't going to be affected, i will still be a "safe driver" i will go get a new license & pay my ticket within 30 days. lesson learned. 

if only i would have spilled the coffee this morning ....

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Pam said...

Oh no, sorry to hear this!!