Friday, September 2, 2011

lady luck

so wednesday afternoon, the kids are sleeping, i am hanging out in my room relaxing, checking facebook on my phone. i see the radio station says they have concert tickets to give away at 3:30, 4:30, 5:30. it then says he will be giving the next pair away on a facebook in a few. okay, what the heck. i hit refresh a couple times & then i see it:

caller 13 NOW! 

so i call. it rings twice. he answers. asks "who is this" i tell him, then he goes on with his speech ... about how I WON! whooohooo! he then put me on hold & left me there long enough to hear myself on the radio station[i sounded like a total dork, oh well!] & came back to get my info. 

[caller 13- that would be me :)]

so thursday morning we hopped in the car & headed out to the station in st.pete to go pick up my tickets.

looks like i will be having a fun labor day! my parents will be taking the kids that day & i was really hoping to get dolled up & get out with my husband, but he is not one of the lucky few who is off on monday & if that weren't bad enough, typically on a holiday, they are required to stay late in case it's busy. makes me sad but instead i am heading out for a girls night with my bestie & looking forward to getting out of this house & some time to me. thanks 97x!

as far as my luck goes ... in the past year i have won a $50 gift card from the radio station. $50 gift card by filling out my name at the strawberry festival . usher tickets & now these & that's just in the past year, there have been more.

anyways, yesterday was normal. after we picked up my tickets we stopped for happy meals, took naps, played, ate dinner, then jer & i watched project runway for hours. i do love that he has no problem watching lifetime with me! it was his first day off with us in NINE days, so that was nice.

as far as this weekend goes, jeremiah will be working the entire time, so aside from my concert monday we have no plans for the weekend. i hope for his sake being stuck at work all holiday weekend it's at least busy, so it seems worth it. 

hope you all have a safe & happy holiday weekend 

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Jess said...

Wow! I've never bothered to call into any of those contests because I figure I'll never win. Maybe I should try, though!! Have fun!