Friday, September 23, 2011

it seems to be a popular subject around here =/

this is another post having to do with my child & poop
[it seems like we have a lot of those around here]
if  you're not interested in that scroll down & look at the pictures of our new baby kitty

after the loss of our maize while we were out zipping around on rollercoasters my mom[best mom & grandma ever] took the boys to get a new kitty & boy is he the cutest thing ever. well since we brought him home he has been having what we'll call tummy problems & i have been busy cleaning up a mess or two[ i hear kittens have worms, this may be the cause, we have an appointment at the vet tomorrow at 7pm, hopefully his deworming will fix him right up] 

a couple days ago i notice a mess on the tile floor, thankfully not the carpet, so i am on my hands & knees cleaning up the trail of mess. colton is tagging along behind me asking me why the kitten is not pooping in his litter box. telling me the kitten is naughty, i am listening, laughing, cleaning. all of a sudden i hear this horrible scream.

take every horror movie you have ever seen, add each of those screams together & that's what colton sounded like. i literally drop everything, turn around & that's when i see it. the front of colton's shirt is covered in poop [i should note prior to the scream colton had been holding the new kitten, who he named flip flop]. it was on his arms & his legs. he took this stance like i have never seen. spreading each limb to be sure no part of his body touched another, taking even more caution that no part of his body touch his shirt.

i can't lie, sometimes i laugh at inappropriate moments. this was one of them. my son stood there wailing & i giggled. don't get me wrong, i was not insensitive to the situation, if it were me i may have cried too, i was giggling at his response, not the situation, as i am the one who had to clean up the situation.

jeremiah comes home from work, colton is in the bathroom screaming his head off as i am running the shower. hello, honey, welcome to my life ... again i ask, do you want to switch.

it was one of those things that was so NOT funny but was. you ever experience that?!

& to add some cuteness to this post, here is our new baby flip flops

 [look how tiny]

& this is our resident cat TECO ... they're twins huh?!

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