Sunday, September 18, 2011

happy football day

we're from chicago. logic would have it i am a bears fan. i grew up in chicago. i grew up in a crazy bears house but bears fan i am not.  

i never liked football growing up, i just didn't care about it, so i didn't have a favorite team. a few years back i fell into my own favorite team. the new orleans saints[ & yes, i was a fan before they won the superbowl]

today is kind of a big deal. the bears are playing the saints, in new orleans. i have total faith in my team & i know they will pull out a win today after their loss to green bay last week [& if they don't i will never hear the end of it from all my chicago land friends & family]

in any case i walked out of the bedroom this morning & this is what i find

excuse me?! did my husband really put my son in this shirt, today of all days?!

i promptly changed him into this

[i promise he is mad because he didn't want his picture taken & not because i changed his shirt]

okay, so reggie bush no longer plays for the saints, or wears the number 25 but hey, at least we have the right idea now

[yes, colton is in the background screaming go bears, his daddy was directing him[to irritate me], he doesn't really feel that way. i promise :)]

happy sunday! happy football day! & GO SAINTS!!!!

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