Wednesday, August 3, 2011

what a relief

we were back at the doctor with braedon again monday morning. i am happy to report he is a-okay.

here is what happened. remember we were at his 2 year well check last week. well the day after he was sleeping , jer picked him up, went to put his head down on his shoulder & felt a lump! what?! it was kind of a scary moment. we decided to call the peds after hours & talk to a doctor, to get thoughts. see what we should do.

after an hour of calling calling calling, with no answer from the operator we decided to just call the local ER. we spoke with a nurse who gave us a us a run down of possibilities. she said as long as it didn't get bigger, or change appearance we could just make an appt with our doctor. so that's what we did.

bright & early monday morning we headed back to the doc. to explain this lump as best as i can it feels like a pea, under the skin, right at the base of his head/top of his neck. it isn't hard & it kinda moves.

after a half hour of questions with a third year med student the attending came in & told us exactly what we wanted to hear. the bump is benign. she said it's actually a lymph node that popped up. i can't remember if i mentioned it on here or not but a few weeks back braedon had a fever but no symptoms, we thought he was teething. she said it's hard to be certain since we are not exactly sure when the lump showed up, she said it probably happened back when he had the fever. that it was a virus so mild all that showed was the fever & bam.

she said it may go away, she also said sometimes they never go away. she said if it stays like this but is there forever she will never worry. she told us if it gets bigger than 1.5cm[right now it's 8-10mm] to call. if it plants itself & becomes stationary to call. otherwise it's no big deal. she told us to only check it once a week because our touching it could actually make it bigger & worry everyone for no reason.

phew! what a relief. i was not super worried, or freaking out but a little part of me was a little nervous! i am so relieved that it is nothing! she also confirmed that he is a perfect, healthy, happy baby ... & that is always great to hear :)

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