Monday, August 8, 2011

the weekend might be over but ours is just beginning

good morning! the weekend has come & gone & i am not too sad about it as our weekend actually starts tonight.

half our weekend was pretty blah. friday morning braedon woke up with a fever. he wanted to do nothing poor guy just spent the day laying around the house or sleeping. he went into his bedroom to sleep 3 or 4 different times. woke up with a fever. went to bed with a fever. it always makes me so sad to see my spunky little dude so blah.

saturday morning before the hubs headed off to work he ran to bob evans & brought us breakfast. oh & he let me sleep till 9 by getting the kids up & changed all while he was getting ready. have i mentioned lately that my husband rocks. we're big football fans in this house, jeremiah switched his close for open because we planned on heading to BUCS night practice at raymond james stadium saturday night. free event. free parking. $1 hot dogs. $1 soda. fireworks at 9pm. while braedon woke up in much better spirits he still had a fever. taking him out with a fever into the 105 degree heat index probably not the smartest idea so we passed.

after work i jumped in the car & headed out alone. it was kind of amazing. first stop ... ULTA. if you have one around you, go! spend $17.50 on ulta brand cosmetics & receive a free $75 gift. i was so excited. i don't buy make up very often as i rarely wear it anymore so it lasts forever, but this i just couldn't pass up. plus is was nice to get out & feel girly for a while. i bought: an eyeliner. foundation & a nail polish. i spent $26 for free i got: a make up bag inside it's contents 2 eye shadows, 4 colors each. a mascara. blush. 2 double sided eye liners. double sided lip gloss. lip stick & an assortment of brushes. what a deal.

after my short girly spree i headed to walmart for some grocery shopping. it goes much quicker by myself & i think i spent less money without three boys throwing things in the cart or wanting this & that, but i like having my hubby to help load it all up. when we shop we usually do about a months worth, so we have a lot of bags. i think its easier that way though because then we just run out for little things like milk, eggs, bread, juice when we run out.

when i came home the hubs helped me bring everything in & get it all put away. the kids?! they were both in bed. jer had fed them, bathed them & got them tucked away for the night plus he cleaned up the house! i mentioned he's awesome right? we had taquitos for dinner & just hung out relaxing.

sunday i headed down south with my parents & the kids. my dad's uncle has recently moved down here so we went to spend the afternoon at his house. the kids & i spent just about the entire time swimming. had a good time. it's nice to be getting little pieces of family down here. as we're leaving to go pick up jer[who was working] i was informed my in-laws were in tampa & wanted to see the kids so we met up with them for dinner. braedon is still a huge fan of fried okra: winning! then ran to walmart for a couple things i forgot the day before. all in all a decent day.

remember the keep our angel home fundraiser[which after it was all said & done pulled in just about $38,000]  there is a 5k early next month for the same cause. i am registering this weekend & bought a new pair of gym shoes. time to start prepping! pretty excited. i have never done one before & there is no one i would rather do it for

other than that today we are going to hang around the house. everyone is seeming pretty tired. it was a long day yesterday. i have a few things to do around the house & i am hoping the kids take a nice nap. i would really love one too :) when daddy gets home we are heading to ikea to pick up braedon's new dresser. i figure we should get everything done before his day off tomorrow then we can just do nothing. it's been a long time since he's had a day off work that we have spent just hanging around the house as a family & we've been doing so much lately it sounds like the perfect day.

hope you all have a good start to your week, we'll be back after our weekend :)

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