Saturday, August 13, 2011

turning off the technology

lately i have been feeling pretty blah. that might have something to do with the lack of blogging?! i have been feeling so exhausted. physically & mentally. by the time the kids are in bed & we are done eating dinner i am ready for bed myself. so....

we are taking off for the weekend. i was dreaming about a vacation, which is totally unrealistic since jer doesn't get another one until march so i came up with the next best thing


we are heading out on our first camping trip as a family of four! i LOVE LOVE LOVE camping. the outdoors. a campfire. sleeping in a tent. the wilderness. the wildlife. hiking. swimming. i am so excited! we aren't going for too long. leaving tonight after jer gets off work & will be home monday early afternoon. 

regardless of how long it is going to be so nice to get out of this house. to unwind. to forget about the cell phones & computers & tvs that i sometimes feel rule our lives & just enjoy each other as a family with no distractions! 

last night we went to walmart & bought a tent. reserved a campsite. got all the camping goodies. this morning i have been cleaning the house, who doesn't want to walk in & see a spotless house. i have to pack & get all the camping stuff together then when jer gets home he will load up the car & we'll be off. the kids both seem so excited. & they are my kids. they love being outside. searching for gators. enjoying the outdoors. if jeremiah had his way we would be heading to a cabin, not my kind of camping BUT he does have a valid point in that it is the middle of august & it is florida so it is really hot but we're tough & that's what i picked hillsborough river state park it has a swimming pool. perfect for a cool down & how many state parks have a pool?! 

anyways bloggy friends i need to run as i still have a million things to do. hope you all enjoy your weekend & stay tuned as i am sure i will have a million pictures to post next week. 

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