Thursday, August 25, 2011

take me out to the ball game

the detroit tigers were in town earlier this week. my husband is from michigan. what do you think that means?! of course we were headed to the game. we have actually been waiting all season for the tigers to get here so we could make our first family trip to a baseball game[we took colton once when he was a baby]

the plan was that we were supposed to go tuesday but when jer found out verlander was pitching monday night that was the game we had to be at. he came home from work early. that's rare & was kinda nice. we stopped at mickey d's for some dinner on the road & we were off to st.pete. 

after all this time something about watching a baseball game inside just doesn't seem right. but then i remembered how hot it was outside & remembered that's the best way to watch anything in florida. inside. in the ac. not to mention when we got there is started storming like crazy so inside worked to our advantage again. 

the kids were pretty well behaved & we had fun but to be completely honest i think they're a bit young for it. they were excited by the stadium & the excitement. but neither of them obviously knew what was going on. the game started at 7:10 which is about 20 minutes before they usually start getting ready for bed & they were just getting restless having to be contained in one spot. some pretzels & cotton candy helped a little. 

a little stressful yes but i always love heading out on new family adventures & the tigers won so all in all it was a winning night.

...oh & we got to sleep till almost 10am the next morning :) obviously it wore them out!

[headed to st.pete]

[the trop]

[it's a good thing we play inside]
[everyone in their tigers gear]
[there were more tigers fans than rays fans]


~Pam~ said...

I think that's so awesome that you guys went to the game!! I love the pics! The boys will enjoy it more in a couple of years, probably.
Has Colton ever talked about playing tball?

sabrina @ baby loves said...

no, he has never mentioned it. he talks about football & soccer :)