Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a special day for bay

remember when we were supposed to go spend the day at seaworld with braedon?! for his special day with mommy & daddy. well almost a month later we were able to finally go do it. last wednesday night we dropped colton off at my parents house. we picked up a pizza with braedon & came home for pizza night. since it was all about braedon we gave him a special treat. rented him a movie & let him fall asleep to it in colton's bedroom. where he stayed all night.

thrursday morning we were up & at it early. we went to bob evans for breakfast & jumped in the car to head out to orlando. what a fun day. it was so great being able to spend an entire day with braedon, at a place he loves most. he is obsessed with fishies. we were able to take it slow & go at braedon's pace instead of colton pushing us along in a rush to get to the next exhibit. alone time with braedon isn't something that happens very often. it's happened twice to be exact. last week & a few weeks ago. [aside from when he was a newborn & colton went to my in-laws for a weekend, leaving me & braedon at home when this mama was a little overwhelmed. clearly he doesn't remember that] i think it's something we might have to try & do once every couple months. but first colton gets his special day.

remember how braedon sleeps no matter where we are. sea world was no exception. this gave mama a chance to ride a couple rollercoasters. yay! a long tiring day it was but tons of fun. around 7 o clock[the park closed at 8] it started getting pretty dark & started sprinkling. we decided to just go ahead & get going. we didn't want to be stuck across the park in the pouring rain. nor did we want to get stuck in traffic when everyone was making a mad dash toward the exit. no big deal. we have season passes so we can go back anytime.

the drive home...sucked. about that rain?! yeah it was storming like crazy. the whole way home. the kind of storming that makes it so you can barely see out the window. it was awful. i was so stressed[well talk about that another time] but after heading back to moms to pick up our big boy we made it home safe & sound... & all passed out face first into our pillows.

[a few of my favorites. i am having trouble getting the right pictures in the post. hang around. i'll try to get some more pictures up later]


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