Saturday, August 27, 2011

sleep ... who doesn't love it?! who doesn't need it?!

who doesn't love to sleep?! i can never get enough of it. don't get me wrong i am not the person to wake up at noon when jer is home, that's a total waste of the day. but when it's time for sleep i am so excited & when it's time for sleep to end, not so much. i take naps. i love it. when the kids sleep, you can find me sleeping. not always, sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the quiet. but you get the idea. i love my sleep. i am sure in reality i get plenty of sleep. enough to function but i feel like it's never enough.

i am the kind of girl that will "watch" a movie with my husband but really only see 15 minutes[if i am lucky] before i am dead to the world. remember my amazing husband who gets up with the kids everyday so i can squeeze in a couple extra minutes of shut eye. awesome. speaking of my husband, he is another one who loves sleep. everyday off when the kids are down for their nap you can find him snoozing away too.

i'll tell you who doesn't love love to sleep, who doesn't think it's important, who don't think they need it.  those devils of mine sweet little angels of mine. at least that's what they are ... until it's bedtime. it's a struggle here every.single.night & it's starting to make me crazy. for the longest time we had no problems. then it would be an occasional thing. now it's all the time. we have the exact same, relaxing routine every night. it doesn't matter what time we put them in bed. it could be 7:30 it could be 10:30 the exact same thing will happen.

we put braedon in his room. tuck him in, say goodnight & make our exit. he will get out of his bed. the day after christmas we put him in a toddler bed. then i thought it was new found freedom, he wasn't contained anymore. he had a whole room full of toys to play with. but now august is almost over & almost 9 months later he still does the same thing. he sleeps on the floor, behind his door. for the first few months every time i would hear him get up or start playing i would go in there & put him back in his bed. that got exhausting every 5 minutes. 20 times a night. so we stopped. now we put him in there. we know he will get up & he does. every night before we head to bed we go check on each boy. kiss them. you know the norm.every night when we go this we have to get on our hands & knees, squeeze our arm in the door enough to move his little self out of the way so we can open the door wide enough to squeeze our big bodies through, scoop him up & put him back in his bed. what a pain in the butt.

naptime for braedon?! easy peasy. he sleeps anywhere. remember?! in the lazy river, the wave pool, under roaring rollercoasters, he never misses a nap, home or elsewhere. so when it is sleepy time here, i put him in bed & most times he actually stays in his bed for a nap. & nap like a champ he does. depending on the day it's 2, 3 4 hours long.

colton, ohhhhh colton. he is a nightmare when it comes to sleep. sometimes i literally want to run out of the house screaming, pulling my hair... but i don't. we put him in bed. turn on a movie. yes, he has a tv in his room[the only time he uses it is bedtime. i fall asleep to a tv every night, i always have, so he does too] the movies are not the problem. the movies do actually put him to sleep, its getting him in bed. staying in bed thats the problem. he will bang on the wall/door, that's his way of telling us he needs/wants something. that in itself can make one crazy. how many times do i have to tell him not to do that before he finally listens, i think i am at about 2 million right now. he needs a "midnight snack" he needs more juice. he needs a cat in his room. he is playing with toys. he is bouncing all over his room because "there are fire balls all over the floor"[love the imagination] because braedon hears this banging down the hall he has started doing the same thing. some nights i get the pleasure of hearing it x2.

colton + nap = unheard of! member how i said i nap sometimes?! that only happens on the days i am lucky enough for colton to take a nap. for some reason he thinks he almost 4 & he doesn't need to take naps. he is mistaken. i am pretty lucky though i guess most days if he doesn't actually sleep he will quietly & contently watch a movie & have some "quiet time". *sigh* just thinking about it & typing it is exhausting to me!

colton always falls asleep in his bed. sometimes it's a half hour. sometimes its an hour. sometimes its three hours.the whole process is exhausting every night. by the time they are ready for bedtime i am ready to pick up the house & relax, enjoy the quiet for a bit before the hubs gets home & every minute that nightly ritual is delayed i get more & more stressed out.

a million different routines & we still struggle all the time. i have faith one day it will get better. one day when they're tucked in they might actually stay in their beds & go to sleep like good little boys. until then i will try to keep all my hair

[see?! colton used to sleep]

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