Friday, August 26, 2011

oh coffee ...

i heart coffee! i am the type of girl who can sit & drink it all day everyday.. i don't because i live in florida & 10 months of the year it's a million degrees & who wants to be sipping on a hot bev when it's that hot ... but i could.

my husband is lucky that the closest starbucks is 15 minutes away i settle for cheap gas station coffee everyday instead. it's not as good but it is nicer on our bank account.

anyways the thing about coffee is i could drink it & it does nothing for me! i wish so badly i was one of those people that needs coffee to get their day moving but that's not the case. for me. it's a pleasure drink. i drink it because i love it. not because i need it.

hi my name is sabrina ... & i am an addict. i am addicted to caffeine like there is no tomorrow. sadly this has ruined the effect for me. so much soda & coffee everyday for so many years has made the effects of caffeine null & void for me.

i can drink a pepsi & a cup of coffee first thing in the morning a half hour after i finally drag my zombie butt out of bed[props to my husband who always gets the kids up & changed, sometimes fed, even on days he works] while i struggle to keep my eyes open long enough to sit up. it does nothing for me. i can drink a soda 10 minutes before i go to bed & as soon as my face meets my pillow the day is done.

usually this isn't a problem. an hour after my morning this sucks adjustment i am a functioning human being again but then there are days like today. last night it was 2:30 am before i could finally sleep. not sure why. i was hot. i couldn't get comfortable. my mind was thinking of 41523647856 different things. after i finally fell asleep i was up probably 6-8 times. the alarms started going off at 7. the kids were outta bed at 7:30. by 8 o clock i was at circle k getting my coffee & mt.dew code red & my day has begun.

i can't lie. i am struggling. my eyes feel like they are getting heavier & heavier by the minute. the kids, thankfully, are behaving[for the most part] but i can't lie, they are being loud & i am tired & cranky so the screaming at the top of their lungs while chasing each other around the house is kind of obnoxious today.

they chased each other into braedon's room & closed the door. i hear no screaming or crying so i assume everything is okay & they are playing nicely, though i may be wrong. i am going to soak up these couple moments of peace before they come barreling back out & patently countdown to naptime. cross your fingers for me. they were up early today so i am hoping for a long, easy nap.

as for me, the minute their little butts are snuggled away for mid-day slumber my face will be meeting my pillow. no dvr. no food. no phone calls. none of that is important right now.

oh coffee... if only you could do your job. if only you could give me that jolt, that burst of energy to get through the next couple nine hours.....


on a side note: please excuse the fact that things may be a bit wonky around the site over the next week i have plans to change everything around. hopefully we'll be looking brand new in no time

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~Pam~ said...

Hi Sabrina,
You know, I have tried to like coffee..but I just can't! lol
I do enjoy hot tea, but when the weather is hot I don't drink as much of it.
Do you get headaches if you don't have caffeine? You know, that caffeine withdrawal?