Saturday, August 27, 2011

no plans this weekend?!

do you want to guess why?! 

fantasy football drafts 

yes. it's true. we are a house of football around here! so come draft time we shut off. okay so jer is actually working the better part of the weekend so adds to the lack of plans too.

his draft with the dudes from work is tonight, after the kids go to bed, so i am sure i will be spending the better portion of the night chatting on the teley with my bff over in texas.

tomorrow... that's when it's time to get serious. this is what i consider the real draft. okay it's only real because it's the one i am included in. i am excited ... okay, i am stressed. i mean c'mon. my husband, my dad, it's me & nine guys. my goal to kick every single one of their butts. wish me luck with that. you know how awesome i would feel if i could walk away the winner beating a bunch of boys.

they should be very afraid.....

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Elizabeth said...

:) My hubs has his draft tomorrow afternoon! That means starting tomorrow..he will be in full football trance for the rest of the year! lol.

Have a wonderful weekend!