Wednesday, August 24, 2011

night of the living dead ... or not

i am so happy to say the above title no longer applies to me. between the past two days i have actually started feeling human again! my throat & ear are still bothering me but they seem to be getting better. it was a rough few days. being sick with a cold, or whatever was, add those oh so lovely female problems on top of that & i was just miserable. i barely had enough energy to sit up straight.

yesterday was a turning point! after the ball game monday the kids slept until almost 10am yesterday which means we were able to do the same. that probably helped. here is what i managed to accomplish throughout the day

ran some errands
did some shopping
pizza hut for lunch with the dudes
[the first time i really ate in days]
got all the toys put away
kids rooms cleaned
our bedroom clean
both bathrooms clean
the kitchen clean
[midday & then again after dinner]
the whole house vacuumed
swept & mopped
[with my new swiffer wet jet... it's love]
washed 85943585 loads of laundry that piled up while i was useless
folded & put away said laundry

pretty productive day if you ask me. i turned the music on & was on a roll.  i was a little worried when it was 2:30 am & we were just heading into the bedroom for the night[i'm telling you all the energy caught up with me] that it was going to be a long day but the kids slept till after 9:30 this morning. i am really liking this new trend. they can keep this up.

the day today has been pretty mellow. ran to walmart this morning for a couple things. jer didn't have to work until noon so he spent the morning couple hours making breakfast for & hanging out with the kids. after he left we ate. we played then we napped. okay not really braedon took a nap. colton had quiet time & watched a movie in his room & i caught up on my dvr. dr.phil. downsized. teen mom, ya know, the norm. kids woke up. we played some more. now they are stuffing their faces full of dinner while i sit here & all is good. i'll get them cleaned up & in bed within the hour. i am so happy. just a few toys to pick up from the day then i can sit & do nothing until jer gets home from work[without feeling guilty because everything is done] at which time we'll shove our faces full of leftover lasagna, yum & who knows... a movie, some wii?! whatever the case maybe i have no intentions of staying up until 2:30 am again ... i'm not sure i'll get lucky with the 9:30am or later thing three days in a row. 

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~Pam~ said...

So glad you are feeling better and hope those boys are letting you sleep in the morning. ;-)