Sunday, August 28, 2011

my oh my!

i have got to stop doing this. though last night it wasn't all my fault. while jer was drafting i was on the phone until the wee hours of the night. when we finally headed to the bedroom it was a little after 1am. i thought for some crazy reason it would be a good idea to start a movie, so i did. conviction. with hilary swank. great movie, i actually made it through the whole thing. after the movie i turned on the weather channel, i wanted to catch the latest updates on irene.

after all this is said & done it is about 3-3:30am. oh my. i am hating myself for thinking that idea was okay. as soon as i shut the tv off i hear crying. can't tell who it is. from across the house the kids sound very similar. it's braedon. i am thinking he must have had a bad dream. i spend about 10 minutes in his room/outside his door & realize he is absolutely not going to sleep in there. i scoop him up & bring him in bed with me. that was silly, he wasn't going to sleep there either. about 5am enough was enough & he headed back to his room[&went right to sleep] me?! well i had been up before 8am saturday morning, it's not 5am ... 22 hours, to say i was tired is an understatement. this morning come 8am we were up & starting the day.

can you say zombie?! that's what i feel like. i am in my pajamas, i have no intention of changing that. jeremiah just left for work for a few hours, it was rainy this morning & not a beautiful day ... the minute the kids go down ... which might be really soon ... i am doing the exact.same.thing. i need to charge a little bit. our football draft is tonight & the saints are actually on my tv[whodat] so an early bedtime is not an option!

in other news:

while playing angry birds this morning colton said "oh you have the same building structure as me" excuse me?!?! who are you. when in the world did you start saying building structure.

i also heard holy moly & i'm starving. he is cracking me up this morning. i have literally been laughing all morning.

jeremiah went out  for coffee, code red & dunkin donuts, nothing like a chocolate glazed donut to make the morning suck a little less.

braedon slept till after 11am. i actually went & woke him up. not surprising seeing as though he was up half the night. i coulda slept that late too if possible

my house again looks like a tornado came through. is it possible to keep a clean house with a 3 year old & 2 year old. i clean every night after they go to bed. for what?! it is a disaster first thing the next morning. oh well. at least they have fun.

about that tornado. i am tired. cranky. lazy & just don't feel like doing anything about it so i don't think i will. it won't kill me if i wait till the morning right?

oh & dinner, yeah, we're already talking fast food ... proof of what kind of day it is around here.

enough of my random rambling. hope you all have a great sunday!

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