Thursday, August 4, 2011

a little background & my thoughts on it

[while i am zipping around busch gardens today i thought i would leave you with some reading material. a little bit of history & my thoughts on the whole thing]

lets rewind to my junior year of high school. my dad has this friend who is moving to florida to open his own business & there is talk about my dad tagging along to join in on this new adventure. everything was fine & dandy. talk is just talk right.

at some point in time it became reality. it wasn't just talk anymore. we were moving. moving to florida. moving across the country. away from my friends. away from my family. away from my school. & of all places to florida. didn't my parents know i hated the heat. i hated the sun. i hated the beach. we would take family vacations down every year to visit my aunt & uncle & while everyone was out enjoying florida, i would stay inside the nice air conditioned house. florida is great for vacations, but who really wants to live there?! my parents obviously.

to say i was mad is a huge understatement. my parents were just plain evil. how could they move me like that right before my senior year. didn't they know how bad that would suck for me?! i yelled. i cried. i begged. i pleaded with them to let me stay. i told them i could go stay with my aunt. finish school. then come down. obviously they said no & mid july 2003 we were on our way.

as we drove away, i couldn't stop crying, but my best friend was making the long trip with us & staying a week then flying home so that gave me a little light in a world where everything sucked. they day after she flew home my other best friend flew in & stayed for weeks. 

okay. maybe it wasn't so bad right?! we were doing the tourist type things. hanging out. spending our days at the pool. a little trip to the florida keys. maybe florida was okay. living life like a vacation i'll admit was kind of great.

then things settled down. my friends went home. i was so mad at my parents & had nobody. then it came time to start school, to get a job. the fun was over.

i hated school. i was a new. i wasn't just new, i was a new senior. everybody had friends, four years worth of friends & i had nobody. because the requirements are different from state to state i was stuck in classes i had to take, but hated. stuck in classes with freshman. seriously. my senior year was really going to suck. what about homecoming. prom[which i ended up skipping & going to a concert in orlando instead]. 

i started working & i made a friend. a best friend. a friend who introduced me to other friends, to boyfriends. the problem?! she didn't go to my school, so neither did any of my other new friends. i was still alone. don't get me wrong, i had people i talked to in class. people to laugh with. be partners during labs with. but no real friends at school. i pushed my way through school. i was angry. i excelled in the classes i loved but everything else? i did the minimal amount of work needed to be done to get me across that stage in may.

well i did it. i graduated. that time was fun. i had family from chicago fly down. family from michigan. they came to celebrate my graduation & 18th birthday that was shortly after. after that it was on to the real world. against the advice of my parents i decided to take a semester off before i went back to school. & started a new job that at the time i had no idea was going to change my life forever. 

i started serving at a restaurant. i opened the store. i worked all the time. made great money. my bosses loved me. i made great friends. some time later we got a couple new bosses. they usually came & went pretty quickly. this one, he stuck around for awhile. his name jeremiah. my friend... not so much. my favorite boss. not so much. i wasn't a big fan. not at all.

i remember i was leaving on a trip down to miami with my friend & of course went to work that last day looking forward to making a bunch of money to take with me. i walk in, look at my station & about burst into tears, everyone knew i was leaving but this awesome manager of mine gave me the worst station possible. are you kidding me?! oh i remember being so mad! small things like this added up to my not liking him very much. was it time for him to transfer yet?!

a few months after that my friend & i were looking to get our own apartment. my parents had just bought a new house, i wouldn't even be moving into that with them, straight to my new place. less than a week before the move, she backed out. now i had an apartment. a lease. a deposit down. an electric deposit down but no roommate. i didn't need a two bedroom alone, i didn't really want to live all by myself, but being 18 with no credit, my credit wasn't good enough alone. i needed somebody. that's when i remembered this boss of mine, was living with his dad & also looking for a roommate. i said hey, you are looking to move out, i have the perfect opportunity.

certain circumstances occurred & we didn't end up moving into that apartment. i moved in with my parents but me & this boss hang out once. hung out again & again & again. okay maybe outside of work he wasn't such a bad guy. soon you couldn't find us apart. every minute we weren't working, we were hanging out. as you could imagine by now he was one of my favorite bosses. i was even picking up extra shifts if he needed it. BUT he was my boss & it's a no no to date your boss so we had to keep it on the down low. one of my friends later said she just knew, you could just tell something was going on. eventually he was transferred. our relationship became real & everybody knew.we moved in with each other. we got engaged. we got married. we had babies. 

i know i started this post with my move to florida. at that moment it was happening it shattered my life. my parents "ruined" my life.but look at everything that came from it. because we made that move i have a wonderful, handsome, loving, funny husband & two amazing, adorable smart baby boys. that move did change my life, forever, for the better. better than i could have ever imagined. i couldn't picture my life in any way other than what it is now & it's because my parents dragged me, kicking & screaming down here with them.


Anonymous said...

Most awesome parents ever!

Young People in Love said...

i SO relate to this post!! my parents moved us to NYC during my jr. high/high school years. it was crazy hard but i met my husband out there! i would do it all over again if i knew i'd get the best prize of all!

Following your darling blog!