Wednesday, August 3, 2011

laying low

well, i haven't been around much this week because not much has been going on.

monday morning after the doctor we headed to t-mobile. my brand new phone has totally been tweaking out. the screen goes black, it shuts off & restarts. are you kidding me?! it's brand new! we called t-mobile to have them send a new one but they said it would be new or like new but since we were still in our 14 days [yes, that new] buyer's remorse period if i took it to a store i could just exchange it & get a brand new whole phone. so that's what we did. the first store we went to wasn't a corporate store so we were off again. eventually i got my phone. so far so good. we were at the doctor before that running & it had been a long busy weekend. we came home. jeremiah went to work & we did nothing. ... okay the boys took epic naps & i did nothing. i'm not going to lie. it was kind of amazing. the house was a disaster, but at that moment i just didn't care.

then came tuesday. a busy weekend. nothing monday. to say my house was a wreck is an understatement. it was totally neglected over the weekend. i spent the entire day yesterday cleaning. all the bedrooms, even the kids rooms. the bathrooms, the floors, the glass. you get the idea, it was that kind of day. i figured instead of a quick clean up i would go all out. the kids were pretty well behaved & actually let me accomplish everything. i even managed to get all the laundry washed, folded & put away, plus washed all the bedding. it was a most productive day!

obviously that means i have nothing to do today & it feels amazing. the day started off on a good note when the kids & i had a dance party in the kitchen. our plan ... to play all day! jeremiah gets off at 5 tonight so we actually get to have family dinner & he gets to spend some time with the kids.

tomorrow he is off but we have plans minus the babies. july was a crazy busy month around here, so we are looking forward to getting out & unwinding with each other. how do we unwind you ask?!?! ... we go drop 200 feet & zoom at 70mph. yes, we are going to busch gardens. we have both been itching to get on rollercoasters so that's what we shall do. i am really looking forward to it. i am not looking forward to a heat index of 107 though.

oh & can i just say how awesome my best friend is. my parents have been watching the kids a lot lately for little things here & there, which they love to do but i don't want to overload them so my best friend is coming over tomorrow to spend the days with the boys & make our day possible. & not just for a couple hours. more like 10am-10pm. she loves the boys & the boys love their auntie tiff. i am sure they are going to have a great day!

that's about it for now, i told you it hasn't been too exciting the past few days.

have a great day!

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