Tuesday, August 30, 2011

just another manic monday

yesterday we were up & at it early. out of the house before 8:30. we had some errands to run & had to get them done before jeremiah went to work. paid some bills. i was making a present for my mom, so i had to stop a few places for final touches[i'm not going to post yet, because she doesn't have it yet] went to target. braedon got a birthday card in the mail from his great grandma in michigan with a gift card so we went to let him pick out a present.

speaking of target febreze set & refresh are on sale $2.50 each. if you buy 5 you get a $5 gift card. not huge i know but i was stoked. when i was at walmart last week i grabbed one, had never tried it & figured what the heck. came home, popped it open. within hours i couldn't even believe how good the room was smelling. i told jeremiah, we need more. i have to have one for every room. so i put them on my shopping list. apple juice, check... fruit snacks, check. oh yeah, where is the smelly stuff in target?! so we head to that isle, i planned on getting four or five anyways so this deal thrilled me. for real, pick one up, they are less than three bucks & im not disappointed.

braedon left the store a happy camper. at such a young age he loves super heroes so when we walked past a certain item he let me know that's what he liked & that's what we were leaving with.

spiderman & hulk. oh my gosh. my little boys dreams come true. he literally did not put them down all day long. in fact when we went to kiss him goodnight before we headed to bed he had both of them in his bed with him, right next to his face. he also got not one, not two, but THREE spiderman board books & right now, none of the other toys in this house exist.

it was home for lunch, daddy left for work, the kids took a nap, i spent some time on the computer & cleaned up a bit. when the kids got up it was just play play play play until dinner time, at which time i cleaned their bedrooms. we took baths & headed to bed. after the kids were in bed, i picked up a bit more. chatted on the phone & waited for my lovely to get home.

frozen pizza for dinner & it was off to bed. okay so my day wasn't really that manic, but it sounded good. 

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Pam said...

Hi hun! Sounds like a great Monday! Cute pics of the boys, as always. ;-)
Hmmm..I am curious about the Febreeze set & refresh. I might have to get one!
Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.