Tuesday, August 16, 2011

home sweet home ♥

ahhh.... it was so great to sleep in the air conditioning in our bed :)

let me start out by saying camping with two young children is not quiet, relaxing, or stress free ... it's actually a lot of work but we had sooooo much fun!

jer got stuck at work late saturday, surprise surprise! by the time we got the car packed up & headed out it was almost 7:30[2 hours later than planned] this means by the time we got to camp we had two babies up past bedtime, they were starting to get a little cranky & we ended up putting up the tent pretty much in the dark. after a couple hours of struggling with them about bedtime we put the fire out & headed in the tent with them for the night. we told camping stories, i wish you could have heard colton's stories, he is so darn cute. after story time it took about 1.5 minutes for him to pass out. braedon was a different story. he was mad colton was sleeping. he kept pushing him saying "tintin up tintin up" once we got him to leave colton alone he still didn't want anything to with sleep. now it's way past his bedtime & i think he was toooo tired for his own good. he ended up just wandering around the tent until he passed out. we called it a day. we were all frazzled & just ready to start fresh.

sunday morning we were up pretty early. ate breakfast & headed out to explore the wilderness. we hiked the trails for hours. really was hoping to spot a river otter. not so lucky. saw some river rapids, a bunch of turtles, a big gator & just enjoyed the outdoors & the fresh air. after hiking we headed to the pool. it was hot hot hot & we needed a cool down after all that hiking.

after swimming we went back to camp for lunch & a little quiet time in the tent. i dozed off for a minute, i was the only one. the kids wanted no part of it so it was back to the pool for us. we spent about another hour & a half swimming until the pool closed. when we got back to camp we all snacked. nobody ended up eating dinner. ever get so hot you lose your appetite, yeah, we were all suffering from that. we put comfies on, started a fire & just spent time together. laughing, snuggling, making smores. it was amazing.

come bedtime we put the kids in the tent & neither one of them were having it. so we actually plugged our phones in & gave them each a phone. we thought after such a long day they would pass out. we were wrong. about 10-10:30 jer headed into the tent to lay down with braedon, minutes later he was out for the night. about an hour later i went in to lay down with colton. same thing, minutes later he was out. then finally jeremiah & i were able to sit in the quiet, relax & enjoy each other. we stayed up much later than we should have but it was amazing.

monday morning we were up bright & early. everyone had fun but we were all exhausted & ready to head home. we were packed & outta camp by 9am. once we got home the kids headed to our bed for a movie. jer  unloaded the car & i unpacked & put away everything & got started on the laundry. everyone took showers & baths, about 12:30 jer left for work & the kids went down for a nap. i ended up falling asleep on the couch & when we woke up my phone said 5:38! holy cow! the kids weren't joking when they said they were tired. braedon woke me up & i actually had to go wake colton up.

it was perfect. i don't think it could have gone any better. if you know me well you know that there is pretty much nothing that makes me happier than camping. i love being outdoors, as addicted as i am to technology i have no problem being away from it[ we had no service. no facebook or twitter, calls or texts]. i love the wild & the animals & hiking. i would go camping every single weekend if i could. i actually told jeremiah maybe we should forget our cruise for our 5th anniversary & head to the back woods of kentucky or something. i don't think he liked that idea. we had a lot of fun but it's always good to be home.

i have a bunch of pictures but the kids are done eating & calling so i'll get those up later or tomorrow. but i'll leave you with these

 [the loves of my life]
 [camp fire. with a cool stick to change the colors of the flames]
 [a trip to the wilderness without a gator just doesn't work for us]
 [hillsborough river state park]

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~Pam~ said...

Enjoyed the pics!! So glad you guys had a fun time. :-)
love and hugs