Wednesday, August 3, 2011

half the weekend with half the kids!

saturday after the fundraiser my parents stopped by to pick colton up & headed on to their house. remember how sunday was supposed to be braedon's special day at sea world?! well, with it being the last day of the month i found out jeremiah had to work sunday. it was required. everyone had to be there. to say i was mad was putting it lightly. if you remember jer had to work alllll day on braedon's birthday. sunday was supposed to make up for it.

we decided to let colton still head to my parents. it was special time for him too & we didn't want to ruin that, he had really been looking forward to it & we decided to make the best out of our day with braedon.

sunday morning we woke up & headed out to breakfast, ihop, amazing. braedon ate just about every bite of his meal. then out for some shopping where we spoiled him a little bit. it was then time for daddy to get ready for work. after we left brae & i played for a bit. he took a nap & we played some more when he woke up. he was dying to blow bubbles but it was raining outside[we'll get to that in a minute] so being the cool mom i am, we went ahead & just blew bubbles inside. about 2-2:30 jeremiah got home from work then it was off to spend the afternoon/evening with the little guy.

but it's raining remember?! we planned on taking him to busch gardens but ya cant do that in the rain. okay, you can, but it wouldn't be very enjoyable. we decide to try chuck e cheese. what a mess. a sunday afternoon & it's raining. there was a line out the door, we didn't even bother.

off to the mall. figure we can go play in there to pass some time & wait for the rain to stop. not so much. there must have been 90347489328 in the play area. instead we stopped for an auntie annes pretzel & a quick trip to the disney store where brae was spoiled even morebh. it was supposed to be his special day right?

finally we head back to the car & decide we are just going to get in & head to busch gardens. we get there & it is by no means beautiful but it's not raining. success! so that's where we ended up. spent a few hours seeing the animals, riding the train & laughing.

while we didn't get the special day we had planned our day was still amazing. & colton had a great time with grandma & grandpa. they went to the beach. played in the ocean. found shells in the sand. ate ice cream & watched rango.

we actually get to do it all over again in a couple weeks, when we really get to take braedon to sea world. one day home alone with braedon was fabulous, but we were both missing colton. it was great to wake up to smiling faces the next day

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