Thursday, August 11, 2011

first off let me just say my kids are growing up. like really growing up & i'm not sure when that happened! braedon has a big boy dresser in his room. no more baby dresser & colton?! well yesterday we got rid of his toddler bed. he is now sleeping in a full sized big boy bed. i'm not really sure what's going on here but i am not sure i am loving it.

monday i was thrown by surprise when i got a phone call at 3pm from jer saying he was coming home. i asked him if he still had a job. it's like pulling teeth to get outta there 10 minutes early. i was then informed he was leaving early because he had to be back at 7:30 & it was better than staying alllll day.

we headed to ikea, in a hurricane[okay not really but the rain was crazy] & picked up braedon's dresser. they didn't have the white one we had wanted so we got the exact same thing in a wood color instead. confession: i can never walk into ikea & leave with just the one item i went there for. we also ended up leaving with new [night]lamp for braedon's room & two side tables for our room ... oh & few candles of course! we ate dinner & headed home. jer got the kids ready & then headed back to work.

how was our tuesday?! we did nothing. okay actually we ... cough cough I did a lot but we didn't leave the house. it was amazing! we have spent so much time lately out doing things on days off it was fantastic to lock ourselves in. first thing in the morning jeremiah headed outside, got the yard cleaned up & mowed the lawn. then it started pouring. like heavy down pours. all day. it hasn't rained like that in awhile. though it was nice. the house was nice & dark. relaxing. had candles lit. tuesday was a very productive day. aside from the lawn we got a lot done. house clean. our bedroom clean. our bathroom clean. the kids rooms cleaned. braedon's dresser put together. his clothes sorted & transferred. the laundry washed. folded & put away. dishes done. bathroom clean. dinner made & cleaned up. vacuumed again after dinner. the kids bathed & put in bed.

yesterday was pretty blah around here. colton was up bright & early at 7am. i saw sun shining through the window & thought it might be a beautiful day. then i heard thunder. i popped outta bed. got dressed & headed to walmart before all that crazy rain started again. needed apple juice & diapers. came home with much more than that. have i ever mentioned how much i love walmart at back to school time?! i picked up a bunch of crayons, markers, construction paper, glue sticks, coloring pages, etc. we'll be having some fun craft time around here. on my way to the store i had sunglasses on. windows down. on the way home?! not so much. as soon as i pulled in the driveway it started pouring again. it only rained for about half the day yesterday. the kids napped. i joined them. i fought with them for an hour to go to bed. finally i won. i was just grr. tired & cranky & hungry. just beside myself. jer worked late, of course, so finally about 10:30 he came walking in with wendy's for dinner. then we struggled more with colton who had woke up.

he was probably up half the night & as his schedule would have it was calling for us a 7am. i have a feeling it's going to be a long day. he isn't the most cheerful little boy when he is lacking sleep. braedon was up early this morning too but is rarely cranky. i am patiently waiting for nap time to roll around at which time i will join them & hopefully everyone will wake up refreshed with smiles on their faces.

on a different one week from today jer & i will be spending the day at sea world with braedon :)

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