Saturday, August 20, 2011

feeling sickly

it's been awhile since i have been around ... again! wednesday colton headed over to mom's as thursday we were headed to seaworld with braedon for his special day. the real thing. which was amazing. i plan on making a post about it with some of the 123748565 pictures i took so stay tuned for that.

thursday night on the ride home my throat had started hurting pretty bad. i woke up about six different times in the middle of the night & woke up with the twice as worse friday. today it's still hanging around. my face is a bit congested & i just feel like i got hit by a truck. my whole body is sore all over & i have not one single ounce of energy.

this morning i was at walmart getting more cold medicine & cough drops which have been my best friend lately. oh & can't forget the giant cup of coffee.

thankfully thursday was so exhausting for everyone the kids were so mellow & sleepy yesterday it was pretty easy going & today has been easy too. jer was here the whole morning & when he left for work the kids went down for a nap.

the negative about all this it looked like a hurricane came through this place. thankfully i have an awesome husband who did a lot of the work this morning. he only left a few things undone. sadly. they are still undone, oh well, maybe i can tackle it tomorrow. i just mustered up enough energy to jump in the shower for the first time in two days, that's how bad it is, so the rest of the house work will wait. hopefully tomorrow. the same awesome husband also went out & got me panera for lunch. amazing! i really am a lucky gal.

speaking of hurricanes have you seen the news lately?! tropical storm irene formed today.

wanna take a stab at where she's going?! looks like florida to me! this will make for a really wet weekend next weekend. which is okay except it kinda messes up our plans of going to the water park. oh well.

i guess thats it for now. the kids are getting ready for bed. one down one to go. then i plan on curling up with my blanket, cough drops & watching the saints game! thank you nfl network for that.[i am so happy football is back, a piece of me is missing during off season & i am looking forward to seeing the saints kick some butt... whodat!]

hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. i promise i'll get brae's special day up as soon as i am feeling a bit better

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