Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a day in the life

[& a massive photo dump]

so i was browsing through blogs & found this [ i enjoy the blog & what a great idea] a day in the life. i decided to give it a go. i thought it might be fun to document what our days are like. jeremiah always says "what did you do today" my response "the same as everyday" but does he really know what that is?! now he will know.

i decided to do it on one of jer's long days. it's all me, all day & when he is home things vary, we go places, he does things with the kids, etc. so ... here it goes, a day in the life of us!

7am- the alarm goes off. i decide i'm not really ready to get up just yet. reset it.

7:30- alarm goes off again.

7:37- jeremiah gets out of bed with colton. i check twitter & facebook[yes while i am still in bed] spend a few last minutes enjoying the bed. get up do the morning thing. bathroom. teeth. jeremiah is behind so i don't get coffee today. open a pepsi.

8:05 finally make my way out of the bedroom. colton is snuggled on the couch watching some cartoons. i spend a little time reading up on some blogs

8:15- we say goodbye & jer is off for the day

8:30-make colton breakfast. he has french toast sticks, that's what he asked for so thats what i give him. switch the laundry, start the new laundry. unload the dishwasher, load it again.

8:56- my sweet braedon is up. change his diaper, get him some milk, some dry cereal. this is his daily routine.

9:00- pick up our bedroom, vacuum it, make the bed.

9:15- time for breakfast braedon has a banana, waffle & sausage. while they are eating i clean the counters, sweep the kitchen, scoop the cat box. 

9:20- colton decides it's game time & starts nick jr boost. i love it. he seems to really enjoy it & it seems he is really learning from it.

9:50- braedon finally decides he is done eating & wants down. i finally sit down for a minute. grab a handful of Reese's Pieces[breakfast of champions] dryer is done. time to switch the laundry. time to start playing

10:45- everyone is playing. the living room is a disater. we watch some toy story, some leap frog. we play with lots of toys. change more diapers. get more laundry going. wipe down the bathrooms. empty all the garbage. wait, where did braedon go?! this is what i find him doing. hello trouble....

11:20- snack time. some goldfish & juice. 

colton decided he wants to go on a treasure hunt so mama makes a treasure map & we're off to find the goods.

12:00- it's lunch time. colton shows me the map, says the picnic tables are in the forest so that's where we head. colton has buttered noodles. braedon has a hot dog, grapes & crackers.

12:30- get the kids settled in their rooms for nap/quiet time. sit down at the computer. facebook/twitter/blogs

1:00- kids are both making noise, go back in their rooms, tuck them in again...

1:05 decide this is the perfect time for a shower

1:15- was going to shave my legs looks like it will have to wait until tomorrow. kids are making tons of noise.
put them back in their beds again ... it works this time. throw some yoga pants on[we're not going anywhere, why get dressed] do my hair, etc.

1:30- house is quiet. i clean up lunch. pick up the toys in the living room. head into my room for some relaxing.

2:00- i watch some re-runs of grey's anatomy. write a blog post. chat with my bestie. chat with my mom. do a few things online.

3:30- braedon is up. we watch toy story again. spend some time together while colton is still sleeping. have a mini photo sesh on my camera phone. have lots of laughs & giggles.

4:00- colton is up. we have a snack. watch some nick jr. play some more. cars. trucks. puzzles. books. we do a lot of that play thing around here. spend some time coloring. we love that too.

5:09- time to start making dinner. the kids are fighting over toys, we're still working on the sharing thing. colton is having ramen noodles. i know noodles twice in one day BUT thats what he asked for so i know he will actually eat it. braedon gets a grilled cheese & mac & cheese. the both end up eating just about every bite.

5:30 dinner is done & the kids are eating. realize i haven't eaten today & my dinner is still hours & hours away. make myself a grilled cheese

6:00- kids are done eating. we get organized. get things around for a bath.

6:30- bath time. kids play. braedon pees in the tub. we drain it & start over. bath time is always fun. our favorite?! we sing songs & have some good laughs. color on the walls[with bath crayons of course] color on each other[with bath body paint of course]. i'm fully clothed, the kids get me soaked, looks like i jumped in. the tub, at least they have fun.

7:05- the kids are getting their lotion rubs, brushing their teeth & getting pjs on.

7:15 we pick up braedon's room. read three spiderman stories, tuck him in bed. lots of love yous & night nights he is tucked snug in bed.

7:30 head into colton's room. pick up his room. enjoy some snuggles. lots of love yous & he is tucked in for the night.

7:45- i clean up their dinner mess. unload the dishwasher ... again. load it ... again. clean up the toys. vacuum the living room

8:30- remember the laundry.towels in the dryer. no big deal, i'll fold those now. throw the last load in. 4 loads total today. towels, baby clothes, usx2. watch the end of anderson cooper.

9:10- it's been recording for awhile, start downsized on a delay[ so i can fast forward the commercials] 

9:25- hubs is home. we chit chat about the day. 

9:45- i START dinner. steak tips. i wish i could say they were homemade, instead they're the kind you pop in the microwave for 4 minutes[what do you expect when it's almost 10pm]. make some rice. eat dinner, was actually pretty good. finish watching downsized.

10:40- we're done with dinner. our show is over. clean up dinner, put dishes in dishwasher. switch the last laundry. fold some clothes. feed the cats.

11:49- we head into the bedroom. watch a few minutes of rob zombies version of halloween 2. turn on & watch teen mom. 

12:52.- show is over, turn tv off & go to sleep.

start all over again in the morning .... 

& that's our day. obviously there are many diapers, a few fights & lots & lots of smiles & laughs. each day is a little different, but a day home pretty much looks like that. hey honey?! wanna do my job for a day? haha

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Pam said...

Great post!! I remember many days like that with 3 little boys! Where does time go?
Thank you for sharing your day, it was great to read and look at pics.
love you