Thursday, July 14, 2011

you're invited

jeremiah was off work tuesday & for the first time since the beginning of june, we actually didn't really do anything. i was up & out of the house, alone. headed to moms work to pick something up. chatted with mom, my bestie, enjoyed being alone. all of a sudden my dad shows up. ... a few minutes later, an old call party/family friends showed up. it was like a family reunion right there. it was nice seeing everybody. about 2 hours later i figured i should probably head home & make sure all is well with the boys. 

when i got home we jumped in the car & headed down to party city. holy crap, i can't believe we're having a party in just a few days. up until that point i had nothing. i had sent out invitations, aside from that. nothing was done. for me this is strange. i love throwing parties. i am good at it. i love planning & making my lists & everything that goes along with it. braedon didn't have a party last year, so this is his very first one. you would think i would be all over it. have it planned months ago. but thats not the case. i am excited, don't get me wrong. i am so excited for him to see his toy story decorations all over. everybody in one place just for him. its going to be great! but i am sad.

my baby is going to be TWO. i cant even believe it. where did the time go? when did he grow up so fast. its different with braedon. maybe because i know there are no more, but i am hanging on to his babyhood for my life. part of me doesnt want to accept that he is getting so big. i am more emotional about this birthday than any other birthday ever. just writing about right now i could burst into tears. i know i am goofy. 

anyways. a trip to the party store ended up in my getting most of the decorations for the party. i still need to head out for the plates, cups, etc. helium & balloons ... & the food of course. but i feel accomplished that i have something now! 

here is a sneak peak into what sunday will look like 

[buzz buzz buzz-- toy story is his absolute favorite]

 [toy story confetti]
 [for the birthday boy]

 [not sure why these are sideways- it's a cupcake tree & it was so cute i had to have it & decided to make dessert instead of ordering a cake]
[cupcake picks]
[cupcake wrappers]

stay tuned to see how the actual party turns out & probably a couple emotional breakdowns about the big 2 over the next couple weeks

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