Wednesday, July 27, 2011

you said what?!

we were up & at it early yesterday morning. braedon's well check was at 8:40am. wasn't too thrilled about that but as you know most doctors trips aren't just a quick in & out. so we were done & able to enjoy the rest of our day by 10am.

braedon trey ; 24 months 
25.8 lbs
34.3 in
his head is 19.7 inches.

holy cow! braedon grew almost three inches since we were there for his 18mo check up. that's unbelieveable to me. 

[on our way to the doc]
 [patently waiting]
 [hey we have one of these at home]
[playing angry birds on dad's phone]
[my little guy is getting so big]

braedon is doing great. growing great. his development is great. the doctor said he is happy, healthy, perfect.

after filling out a 6 page questioner, there are a couple things the dr told us to work on.

does your child drink from a glass/cup: i answered no. i have never tried to give my two year old a cup without a lid. i see that as a disaster waiting to happen. anyways, she told us to start, so start i will.

does your child rock, feed, change baby dolls: i answered no. my child is boy. he plays with dinosaurs, trucks, tools. not baby dolls. apparently this is important & little boys should be playing with dolls?! i dont know. i am still a little confused by this whole thing. nobody ever asked if colton fed, changed, tucked in baby dolls, in any case we went out & found braedon a baby doll. at least it's a boy doll. 

does your child know how to string macaroni? again i answered no, because we have never tried. but the doctor tells us to do, so we do.

& we also have to work on getting him to say my, me, i. when he wants something, example a cup. he doesn't say "i want a cup" he says "cup please"

so when we go back he is supposed to drink from a cup, string macaroni, play with dolls & reference himself. 
i can deal with that. she said everything is right on track though so thats good. we also mentioned his feet, which she said isn't a concern right now, we will just keep an eye on it over the next couple visits.

after the doctor we headed to IKEA to find braedon a new dresser. the kid has way too many clothes & not enough space. his awesome great grandma is awesome enough to buy him one so she told us to go pick one out & we found the perfect one.

it's long & short. i like that he can reach the top. i won't have to worry about my little monkey trying to climb on it & tipping it over. that has always been one of my biggest fears. it has six big drawers. plenty of space for all those clothes. 

when we got to ikea we headed to the kids section first to try & find a dresser. as soon as we got off the elevator we found this

how perfect is that. the doctor did just tell us he should be learning to take care of a doll right?! & there it is, just yelling out to us. & it's a boy!

after finding a doll. finding a dresser. walking around a bit. picking up some random things. candles. batteries. light bulbs. house shoes. chalk. we stopped for lunch. the food is decently priced & they all love it. the big dude has swedish meatballs & potatoes of course. the little dudes had chicken & fries & i had this.

not my usual choice of food but it sounded really good.

 [uh what the heck is this. i thought it was cute. he ripped it off]

after that it was home to rest & relax. the kids went down for quiet time. the big guy took a nap & i made my daily phone calls. we had left overs for dinner, the kids were in bed early & then we spent the entire night in bed [with my foot up] playing words with friends, watching random tv!

happy wednesday!

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