Monday, July 25, 2011

we've evolved from the flinstones to the jetsons

yes it's true. we have finally joined modern society & ready for this ... got smart phones.

the last time we signed out contract, i didn't feel the need for a smart phone. i didn't need the apps. the only thing i did on my phone was check my email & visit my social networking sites. i could do that with regular internet & not a 25/mo data plan. it just seemed silly so we went without.

i have been wanting a new phone lately & the awesome husband i have wanted to make that happen for me. we figured we had been behind on the technology for long enough so we took the plunge. we both got the same phone[we did that last time too] because we're cool like that. this time we both got the same color. i just know one day someone is going to grab the wrong phone ... then i am going to have to try & sell cars all day, haha!!

anways, here it is....

it's a samsung exhibit 4g. i am obviously still learning how to use it, it's only been a week but so far i am kind of in love with it. it runs on the android market... do you have any app suggestions for me? 

oh & if you want to play words with friends my name is sabrina0621

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