Friday, July 15, 2011

we survived another day

i am happy to report we made it through the day yesterday! after a rough morning & epic naps for everyone, the evening & dinner time were pretty much smooth sailing. colton's fever never went away yesterday but i am happy to say as of this morning, right now, he does NOT have a fever. he even had a bowl of cereal, milk included.

after jer got home last night we ordered pizza hut, minus the pizza, watched some jeopardy & then played toy story 3 on the wii ... for hours. who needs call of duty?! pshhh, not us! we are easily entertained.

in other news...  t minus 2 days till party time! if i were you i wouldn't expect to hear much from us over the weekend. i have lots of shopping, baking, decorating to do. it's going to be busy busy around here! come monday there should be a really fun party post though.

oh & one more exciting thing. my aunt & uncle have made their long, cross country journey back to florida & will be here saturday. & they're staying at mom's this weekend. you know what that means?! the boys are going to have cousins at the party. other kids to play with. ahhh, i am thrilled!!! party favor bags added to the list ....

hope everyone has a great weekend!

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