Monday, July 25, 2011

we are family!

yippeee!! it's official. we have finally added some family to our lives down here in the sunshine state. my aunt. uncle & adorable little cousins are finally here to stay! they spent a few days at mom's house when they first arrived to they were there when i went over there sat night to decorate. i may or may not have been easily distracted by two cute little kids the whole time i was there.

this also means braedon had family at his birthday party. more than just my mom & dad & close friends of the family. that also means there were little kids at the party too. my kids officially have cousins[second] to play with at family gatherings.

i am so proud of both the boys. the day went to smoothly. my kids have never been in a situation to be with other kids. to have to share their toys. they have only had each other. i can say we went the entire day without having to tell either colton or braedon to share, or be nice. i couldn't believe it. they must really enjoy having cousin/friends.

at the end of the day it's nice to finally have some family down here with us. birthday parties & holidays just got a whole lot more fun & i cant wait to see the kids grow together.

okay & i admit i am pretty excited i finally can buy presents for a little girl :)

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