Monday, July 25, 2011

to infinity & beyond

i can't even believe how late this is but yes, we're talking about braedon's birthday party!

last weekend was busy but fun. friday night it was time to hit the stores. had to go to the party store for the favor bags. then it was off to walmart, family in tow for all the rest of the shopping. we needed food! and boy did we buy food. i also needed a few more plates, napkins, etc & the helium.

saturday i hang out at home, being useless, all day waiting for jeremiah to get home from work. instead of being off at 5 he got home at 7:45, i threw everything in the car & headed over to moms to start decorating. once there i started buzz-ifying her house. okay, i also ate, caught up with some family[i'll save that for it's own post] & even had a pina colada. at about midnight i headed home. it was time to make cupcakes & smores pops. 4am i was finally in bed sleeping.

sunday morning. 7:30am the kids are awake. did you do the math? yes, i got less than 4 hours of sleep. headed over to mom's & it's party time.

once at mom's house it was time to finish a few decorations. decorate the cupcakes. fill the balloons. prep the food & get our party on.

remember i decorated almost everything the night before. i did this because i wanted braedon to be blown away when he walked in & he was. come 2 o clock mom's house was full of 20+ people all there to celebrate my little man. he was soaking up the attention[ after a brief nap to avoid any meltdowns] we hung out with family & friends. ate LOTS of amazing food. had a couple drinks. cupcakes. presents. all in all it was a great time & a total success.

after clean up, we packed up, headed home & all of us got in bed. it was a long day[ on not very much sleep]

in the car on the way home i told jeremiah colton's party is next ... in three months ... it's time to start planning. oh my!

warning: photo overload!  no edit on any of these pictures. they would never make it up if i had to worry about that too

 smores pops. delicious!
 favor bags spaceships

 toy story everywhere
 the main table

 cup decorations
 silverware decorations
 the cupcakes 
 made a decorated by yours truly 

 i swear this pic was for the decorations, not the husband
 present time

 jamming out

 the birthday boy
 yes, thats the big kids trying to bust into brae's presents

 okay, big brother can help
 thats my sister & best friend ... i mean, i don't know who that is!
 silly colton
 time for cupcakes
 big man turns two
 blowing out the candles

silly boy

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