Thursday, July 14, 2011

rollercoasters ... in the pouring rain?!?!

lets talk about thursday. thursday is the whole reason the kids left. we were heading to busch gardens, just the adults for a day full of rollercoasters. having been up all night the night before we got a little bit of a late start on our day. by the time we got to busch gardens it was about 11:30-12:00. but they dont close till 9 over the summer so it's not that big of a deal.

we arrived to a dark park. there was a 60% chance of rain. i guess you have to live in florida to understand why that doesnt worry us. there could be a 90% of rain ... but it will be bright & sunny all day. anyways the clouds were actually perfect, the sun is the killer down here so the hiding sun actually was making it bearable,

we tackle ride after ride leaving out the biggest, because jeremiah is a big whimp & the brand new one because the line is always so long. save the best for last right ....

as we're on our way to sheikra, the big bad boy, the one we had not yet rode, the sky is half grey, half sunny, then it happened, out of the corner of my eye i saw lightning, grrr. all rides shut down. within in minutes it started raining. we took cover at a table with an umbrella. moments later it started pouring ... & we were getting soaked. after spending some time getting wet we had enough & found real shelter. at this point the sky is black. the rain is pouring down buckets. its thundering & lightning.

we wait ... & wait ... & wait ... & wait .... & eat .... & wait! finally, hours later all is well in the world again. the rides open back up. at this point it's just sprinkling no big deal. by this point in time my amazing husband had bought me a million dollar sweater, okay not really. it was $45 ... but was on sale, i was soaked & freezing, so the sprinkles we're bothering me. i wanted to get my rush on. there were no lines on anything- except the new one- so we were getting right on everything. rode the big bad boy, in the sprinkles, no big deal. head over to another favorite. rain picked up a bit. sat down in the seat, it was like sitting in a puddle, i thought oh crap, what are we doing. we climb the hill in the rain & then rush down, rain smacking us in the face. oh my gosh it was like being poked by 1000 little needles in the face.

i wish you could see the picture that snapped. all three of our eyes are closed, arms in the defensive like we're trying to save our lives ... from the rain. it was hilarious!

then we head back to cheetah hunt. the new coaster. the only one we hadnt rode all day. the sign says 45 minutes. no big deal. its our last ride of the night anyways. doesnt matter how long we wait. as we walk up into the building,  there is nobody there, they must have never changed the sign after the storms. we get right in a row. we are two away. the third car would be us. all of a sudden the intercom comes on & says ""due to inclement weather or lightning in the area cheetah hunt is temporarily closed" then we kept hearing it over & over & over.

are you kidding me. we were so close. i didnt see any lightning, i think it was just raining way too hard. at the time its 8:45 park closes at 9 so it's either wait & see what happens or head to the car & head home. we wait. the ride starts back up & we make it on the last car of the day. perfect. although again we were riding with the wind & rain smacking our faces. BUT at least we got on & chris got to ride everything.

soaked & cold we head back in the rain to the car & head home. it wasn't a beautiful day. parts of the day actually really sucked. but as a whole i think we still ended up having a good time.

jeremiah is already asking me when is the next time we are going to go back without the kids. he is loving the rollercoasters lately.

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