Monday, July 25, 2011


something is going on in this house & it is amazing. we play. all day. in peace. the kids don't fight. nobody is getting in trouble. it is quiet. it is relaxed. it is wonderful. it is so fantastic to be able to sit down on the computer for a minute & hear talking & giggles & not yelling & screaming. i don't know what changed, but i hope it stays like this forever, the past four or five days have just been so wonderful. i can't wait for morning to start all over again. when it is time for bedtime i haven't been exhausted & frustrated from playing referee all day. i don't need to sit down & take deep breaths. could it be they really do like each other. that they really are best friends?! i hope so.

now that the birthday is over things will start winding down around here & i can get back to some regular blogging. i have some great potty news to share with everyone & i think everyone will be blown away! but we'll save that for tomorrow or the next day.

tomorrow braedon has a well check appt at 8:40am so we'll be up & out of the house early. i am looking forward to seeing the doctor & asking some questions about his foot/waling [ i'll fill you in about that after i know what the doctor says]. i am also looking forward to seeing how big he is :) that's always my favorite part.

then we're headed off to ikea. great grandma is buying bay a new dresser because he has way too many clothes & not enough space. so we're going to go check some out & pick one out. i would like to spend the day after that doing something, i love getting out of the house when jer is home but i think the best idea would be to stay in & let daddy take care of the kids so i can get off & stay off my foot for awhile.

happy monday! hope you all have a fabulous week!

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