Thursday, July 14, 2011

onto the weekend

friday morning things started to get back to normal around here. the big guys dad came & picked up chris, he headed over there for a couple days. i dropped jer off to work & then headed out to moms to pick up the baby loves. what a trip that was. it was pouring the entire way. here is the thing. i dont drive at night because my vision is not fantastic. i dont drive in the rain for the same reason but here i am driving to go pick up the kids. i got out of the car when i got to moms & just had to breathe for a minute.

at moms i learned this rain was actually an invest... a tropical wave, it didn't turn into any kind of storm or anything, but it was less then pleasant. pack up the kids & head back home, in even worse weather. i was driving about 25mph down the interstate, ahhh, it was so scary. finally we get home. its barely raining. i get colton out of the car & it starts pouring. run with him into the house. grab the umbrella to get braedon out get him in the house, then get absolutely soaked in the poring rain getting everything out of the car. we all came inside, got dried off & took a nap, that lasted for hours & did nothing for the rest of the day.

saturday was a similar day. the kids played all day long & i spent hours cleaning this disaster of a house. washing, folding & putting away laundry. nothing exciting to report.

sunday again i hung out home with the kids, finishing up a few more things around the house. when jer got off work chris came back over so he could see the kids again before he left. we ordered pizza & just hung around the house.

then monday we were off to the airport so chris could head home. the kids were so sad to see him go. he opened the door to give braedon a hug & brae was fighting with his carseat saying "i cant i cant i cant" trying to get out. then he started crying ... & continued to cry for 5 minutes after we drove away from the airport. the boys sure did love their uncle & it was nice having him in town for awhile. i always feel like having company is exhausting. from there on out things returned back to normal around here.

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