Sunday, July 31, 2011

keep our angel home fundraiser [& colton was on the news]

well, the keep our angel home fundraiser has officially come & went & with great success totaling more than


what a great day. there was a great turn out & yesterday was proof that good people with big hearts do still exist. i am so happy i was able to be a part of this & i am so lucky to have met such an incredible family. the whole family is such an inspiration to me & the entire tampa bay community. the whole area really does love this lady. 

bright & early we dropped jeremiah off at work & then headed down to the park.  i am so proud of my kids they were so amazing all day. what good boys. we were out for 8+ hours in the HOT HOT HOT sun. the heat index was over 100 all day long, but they were so good! my parents, sister & her friend also came out to help, volunteer & support. we had friends of the family show up to support as well. it was an incredible day.

as for our own personal experience. we started on bounce house duty. which was great, the kids totally enjoyed it then after lunch we headed over to ticket sales & donations & stayed parked there for the remainder of the day. 

i can't say enough how generous people are. my mind is blown. this touching, inspiring story has touched thousands of hearts across the bay. 

the news clip from last night about the event. watch at 00:42 & you can see colton & my sister!

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~Pam~ said...

Hi Hun!
So glad the event went well!! That is just awesome.
How cute to see Colton on tv!!!