Thursday, July 14, 2011

if you go looking for them ... you will find them!

wednesday was another great day. everybody in the house slept till 11 o clock. okay well not everybody. i was up early but all the boys, including the kids slept in. they all seemed to enjoy that, however it cut the day short. with the kids headed to mom & dads later that afternoon we were a bit restricted on time. so we decided to pack up some sandwiches & snacks, throw the wagon in the back of the truck & head to our favorite park for a picnic & some gator hunting. very rarely do the gators disappoint. ask & you shall receive.

[we were pretty close, but we were on a boardwalk & he was below us
please excuse the stupid tourists throwing things at him. don't they know a gator can jump half its body high]

after chowing down we headed to the boardwalk in search of the ancient animals. we didn't find just one. we found two. after our hunt the kids played for a bit then it was back in the car to head home & get the kids packed up for their "weekend" at my parents.

dad came & picked up the kids. our plans for the night. undecided. mini golf. go-karts. drinks. ... we decided on none of the above. we ended up at walmart at 10pm buying all the fixin's for fajitas, ate an awesome dinner & ended up staying awake until the wee hours of the night playing guitar hero.

[first peach]

[wild turkey]

[gator #1-- jer photography]
[& again]

[gator #2]

[gator in video]

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