Wednesday, July 13, 2011

happy 4th of july

monday was an exciting day! it was finally time to head to the airport. the kids had been waiting day to pick up their uncle. excited to see him? excited to go to the airport? both! dropped of the hubs at work. headed to tampa international. we got there a bit early so we actually got to go inside for the pick up. it was too funny. colton had been talking & talking & talking about his uncle coming but when he got off the tram he couldn't have been any more shy. both of the kids wouldn't say a word. i cant say i blame them. here i am at the airport picking up my brother in law & it was a little akward. we live across the country from each other. i have only seen him a handful of times & the kids even less.... but the quiet didnt last for long. on our way home from the airport we stopped & picked up some food then headed to work to eat lunch with jer. by the time we got home on our own turf, the kids couldn't get enough of their uncle chris. trying to get them to nap that day was quite the task. i got a text before 6 from jeremiah telling us to come pick him up. so thats what we did.

we then headed down to channelside for more fireworks. again, very hot, very crowded. i have decided fireworks never start on time. this time neither of the kids wanted anything to do with them. braedon wouldn't even watch them & colton kept telling us he just wanted to go home. we enjoyed the fireworks. its not the first time we've seen them & that location & they have never disappointed. we didn't make it to the beach, but still got to see a display over the water.

all in all a great day

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