Thursday, July 14, 2011

fishing & bowling

tuesday was a pretty uneventful day. for me & the kids at least. we just hung around the house all day while the big boys went tarpon fishing with their dad. from what i gather, there were lots of fish... but they got none. poor guys were up & out of the house before 4:30am that day. having gone to bed around 1am the night before i am sure that really sucked for them. jeremiah thought it was a good idea to wake me up & ask me where the video camera is ... at 4am. are you kidding?! he is lucky he didnt get a black eye! hahaha! the kids & i ... we slept until almost 11am. i don't know that you could pay me to get out of bed at 3:45 am.

anyways after the guys got home, everyone got showered & ready & then we headed out to dinner. sonny's. not my pick. not a huge fan. but when you hear BBQ & all you can eat ribs do you really expect two dudes to pass that up. after dinner & it was off to bowling.

jeremiah used to be on a league with work, so the kids had been & watched many times, but never bowled themselves. we didn't add braedon into our game, he is a bit too little for it, but he did throw roll a couple balls down the lane. colton on the other hand. this was his first time bowling & my buggy was bursting with excitement. & let me tell you he did amazing. & it was so cute to watch. he had his little bowling shoes on. with help of course would pick up his ball & then head down to throw it himself.... his little six pound ball, but man he didnt want help from anyone. what a strong dude!

i couldnt tell you who won. i think we were all afraid colton was going to beat us at some point in time or another. it was tons of fun ... oh, i do know i beat jer once, that might be something he never lives down :)

 [so excited]
 [littlest bowling shoes ever]
 [showing him how its done]

 [colton is pretty darn good]

 [coltons very first bowling game]
 [braedon got to try too]

 [watching brother bowl]

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