Monday, July 25, 2011

#broken foot

thursday morning we're up bright & early & we decide to head to the waterpark. jeremiah had to work all day on braedon's birthday so we thought we would get him out of the house & go have a fun day with him to make up for saturday.

we are getting ready to leave the house & i smash my foot into the bookshelf. OMG that was some serious pain. it took me to my knees almost in tears. after a couple a minutes i get up, okay i stubbed my toe, wow that really sucked. & we left the house for the day.

we get to adventure island & a couple hours in my foot is starting to hurt worse. it's not getting any better. hmmm. thats strange. maybe i broke my toe. it wouldn't be the first time. if that were the case it would actually be the 4th time. knowing there is nothing they will do for it. we continue on & i gimp around. by late afternoon/early evening i could barely even walk anymore. i also established the pain had nothing to do with my toe, but my foot instead. i had to get off my foot so we spent some time in the wave pool & lazy river. awhile later i couldn't stand it anymore & just needed to leave.

i went to bed hoping i would be back to normal friday morning. that wasn't the case. i could barely walk. my foot was swollen & i just knew something wasn't right. at 9pm when jer got home from work, he dropped me off at the er.

i have to say, this hospital pretty good. the wait time is always quick. i was in & out & done with the entire process in about an hour.

i check in, they take me back to a room. the doctor comes in, is asking me what i did. touch. bear weight. etc. then i turn my foot & she said "OH WOW, i am going to order an xray" within minutes i was off to get my xrays. a short while later she comes back & says "the xray didn't show a break & honestly i am completely surprised" she then said "clinically it looks broken" according to the look of it. the signs & symptoms it has a break in it. she said sometimes the foot is tricky & you can't always see them on xrays.

are you kidding me?! who gets a fracture in there foot by running into a bookshelf. & the foot not the toe. apparently, when i ran into it the bones may have smashed against each other causing a small fracture.

sadly there is nothing you can do for a broken anything in your foot. healing time is 4-6 weeks. keep it wrapped. keep it iced & say off of it. well when you have two toddlers, that's easier said than done. so i am trying to just take it easy & tough it out.

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