Monday, July 25, 2011

braedon's birthday

two days ago on saturday my baybay turned two years old. how did we celebrate?! what did we do?! nothing too special we hung out at home. we had already had a party. we went out thursday. his daddy had to work all day & his mama has a busted foot.

the kids were up bright & early so we tacked the present first thing before daddy left. he couldn't wait to rip that thing apart. first we made him open his card. spiderman. he didn't put that thing down all day. the he played with his elmo balloon for a minute then he attacked the present full force. we got him a little tikes crazy coupe. once it was unwrapped. he himself tried to pull all of the pieces out. then it was time for a birthday donut, candle & singing included.

after about 2.5 hours & a major mommy meltdown[putting that thing together was not an easy task] he finally was able to get in & play & play he did. he played with it all day saturday [& sunday... & this morning too- definitely a good purchase] after a couple hours of play the kids went down for naps.

later in the afternoon my parents & sister came over to see the birthday boy ... & they brought dinner. i was so happy they came over. it's always nice to see them & it was nice for braedon. we hung out a bit. ate some food. then it was cake time. yes. another candle & more singing. what a lucky boy.

not too long after they left daddy came home from work[early] we then got the birthday on skype with his gram[my mother in law] who sang happy birthday with us, for yet another cake for the birthday man. actually it was a cookie cake & the kids devoured it. then we called up my aunt for a skype date with the birthday boy[we had one earlier too but mama is a dumb dumb & didnt know how to focus the camera so we were blurry] after that jeremiah & the boys called his dad for another skype date [remember this post?! maybe i'll update on that soon]

after lots of playing. lots of cake. lots of singing & lots of skype the birthday boy was worn out & ready for bed. at the end of the day while we didn't do anything special i am pretty sure he had an amazing day. big thanks to all those who took part to make it a little extra special for him.

enjoy some lots of photos from our day[these are all from my phone]

[almost as big as he is]
 [tearing it apart]


[can't even wait for me to take it out of the box]
[trying it out before we even put it together]

[birthday donut]
 [this is how we eat]

[chocolate face]
 [stopped to snuggle with mama & kitty]
 [birthday cake from grandma & grandpa]
 [colton giving it a test drive]


 [daddy had this done special for bay]
[the big 2]
[the birthday man worn out after a long day]

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