Monday, July 25, 2011

braedon trey turns two

happy birthday braedon

dear braedon,

you were the missing piece that completed our family puzzle. for 9 months i was so worried. worried if i could love two kids the same. worried how your brother would react to you. when you came into this world at 9am july 23rd 2009, i knew all those worries for were for nothing. the minute i laid my eyes on you i was overwhelmed with love. i had TWO amazing, beautiful kids. what a joy to feel that much love in your heart. so much love it feels like it's going to explode daily. as for your brother. he loves you to the moon & back & you love him the same. he is so anxious to teach you about the world. to teach you everything he knows  & you are so eager to learn from him.

i can't believe you are two years old. this is a new phase. as a 1 year old, you could still be my baby, but 1 is gone & two is here. you will always be "my baby" but it breaks my heart a little that you are no longer a true baby. you are a little boy. a sweet, smart, silly, handsome little boy. i can't believe how much you learn everyday & how smart you are. it blows my mind sometimes. wow. i really can't believe it's been two years already. where does the time go.

you are & probably always will be a mama's boy & i dont mind one bit. you love to sleep & you love to eat. you love reading books & baths & playing outside in water. toy story is your favorite thing ever. you have a million toy story toys that you are always playing with & we must watch the movies 42905405 times a week. you adore your brother. you want to spend every minute you can with him. there isn't much you don't like. one thing you're not a fan of: rides. not even little kiddie rides, i'm not sure who you get that from. i'm sure once you get bigger that will change & you will be a thrill seeker just like the rest of us.

braedon trey. you are the sunshine to our lives. if ever there was a perfect baby, it's you. from the minute we brought you home from the hospital to the current day. you are always smiling. you never cry. you don't do/touch things you're not supposed to. you always listen & you are just the sweetest little boy ever. they say twos are terrible. please dont let them take you :)

bay, we love you so much!

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