Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of july celebrations

my duties for the day are done. house is clean. kids are in bed. laundry is ... ooppps, forgot to put the laundry in. anyways, task accomplished. & now for the first time, in a long time, i get to sit down & blog. as i sit & read the title of this post it makes me sad to think its been that long since i've really been on here! sorry guys. all is back to normal. without rambling let me go ahead & share the past week & a half with you. i am going to do it over a few different posts & will probably just schedule them, so make sure you check back.

ps. all the pictures in the next posts are going to be straight from camera, if i had to go through & even edit a little, these posts might never be done.

sunday the 3rd we decided to celebrate the 4th. we knew a couple things about the 4th. chris[my brother in law] was flying in. jeremiah was working. we had NO idea when jeremiah would be getting out of work. we wanted to take the kids out & do something/see fireworks sunday just in case we didn't get to monday. we spent the morning/early afternoon around the house getting things done before our out of town company got here.later that day we jumped in the car & headed to busch gardens. its close. its free. its one of the kids favorite places & it was one of two places that were doing fireworks that day. i have never seen the place so busy! it was hot & crowded & the fireworks were great, but the headache that went along with it wasn't. the firework display started 45 minutes late. colton was anxious & by the time they actually got going braedon didn't seem to care for them too much. too tired. too late. too loud. a combination of both?! whatever the case was, he was not impressed. maybe next time?

 [my monkey hanging with the monkeys]
 [too cute i cant even stand]

 [cheetah hunt]

 [can you see? thats a nile crocodile]

 [big cats eat grass too]
 [gorgeous sky]
 [getting sleepy]
 [see that dumb light? that's why there are almost no firework pictures, it was really messing the pics up =/]

[daddy & his boy]

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