Thursday, July 14, 2011

24 oz of coffee & im ready to go

i hope! 
thought i would take a break from the scheduled posts to fill you in on how my day is looking. 

here is the scene at my house! colton was awake alllll night. awake at 7am ... & is currently burning up with a fever of 101+ oh & i cant forget the breakdowns. its only 8:30 & we've already had like 12. watch your mouth around him today, say the wrong thing & it's full on hysterics.

braedon = cry cry cry cry cry cry cry! seriously? what is so bad. the day just started. you were playing, you cry. i give you food. you cry. i turn on cartoons, you cry. i put you in bed .... you sleep?! okay so i havent tried yet but if this keeps up thats the next step.

go figure all of this would happen on the day jeremiah has a 13 hour shift. lovely. not only do i get to deal with this crazy, i get to do it all day! but i have a 24 oz of coffee in front of me. i am armed with gossip magazines for down time... i am hoping they nap. i do have a box of chocolate, if i find myself crying in the bathroom later this might help. i worked really hard yesterday to get the house clean & everything done. thank goodness i am so glad i dont have to worry about any of that today

i am off & ready to tackle this day i hope 

wish me luck! 
[ill report back later & let you know if we survived]

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